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Regional Highlights 2004-2005

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Palm erston and Rural Regional Highlights 11 2004-05 Northern Territory Budget Palmerston and Rural Palmerston and Rural is the fastest growing Territory region, with a population of about 46 950. It has a relatively young population with about 40 per cent under the age of 26 and less than 5 per cent over 65 years. Covering 77 933 square kilometres, the region encompasses the city of Palmerston and Robertson Barracks, the East Arm Port development, Litchfi eld and the Daly region, and extends south to Adelaide River and east to Kakadu. The region is home to many signifi cant tourist attractions. Primary industries include horticulture, cattle, crocodiles and aquaculture. The operation of the railway and completion of stage 2 of East Arm Port is creating a regional transport and logistics hub linking southern Australia with Darwin and Asia. Supporting Business $2.69M to boost the Territory aquaculture industry through seeding various aquaculture hatchery projects including barramundi and mudcrabs, and to pursue the creation of a trepang hatchery $0.8M for animal health services to ensure market access for Territory livestock to all available domestic and export outlets $0.64M for local organisations to provide visitor information and regional tourism marketing for the Top End $0.52M on horticultural project development, including citrus, nursery, cut fl ower and tropical fruit sectors, improving information services, monitoring banana varieties for resistance to Panama disease, assessing the suitability of cocoa production in the Territory, and continued research into bamboo and various ginger varieties $0.31M to facilitate trade development, including international trade and the AustralAsia trade route $0.25M for research and development programs to assist the buff alo industry $0.24M for mango industry development activities and continued participation in the national project to develop new varieties which will aid future market growth in the Territory $0.03M for airborne and ground geophysical surveys $24 000 for land information and associated services to support sustainable development, including upgrading the accuracy of land boundaries Jobs and Training $0.67M for Charles Darwin University and Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education tertiary programs $0.23M for Flexible Response Funding for training, leading to employment for Indigenous people, Training for Remote Youth and Training Centres $0.2M for services to young disabled people with high support needs, to help develop skills and training for employment and participation in the community Safer Communities $15.36M to provide police, fi re and emergency services in the region $24M for safe, secure custodial services at Darwin Correctional Centre including rehabilitation and care of adult off enders $4.04M safe, secure juvenile detention services at Don Dale Juvenile Detention Centre, including rehabilitation and care of young off enders $2.5M for child protection services to work with families at risk $150 000 to strengthen region specifi c family support services $1.2M for Palmerston, Wadeye and Jabiru community corrections to monitor and supervise adult and juvenile clients $72 000 for courts and tribunals to administer justice for regional and remote communities, including Wadeye, Daly River and Jabiru