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EDITORIAL No doubt many post-mortems will be held into the laok of medals won by Australian Athletes in the 19?6 Olympic Games, Many oommentators are describing it as a poor showing and a fiasco, and are oRlling for an official enquiry, , Lilt us hope that the criticism and en~uiries do not throw any slur on the Australian team members, who have acquitted themselves with true sportsmanship, to the best of their ability, Australians have enjoyed a high success rate in many areas of sport over the years, and this has probably led to the idea that all Australians are sports-loving people, However, sur\ieys have shown this idea is a myth, and that Australian youth are among the least fit in the world, Professional sports like Rugby League, Australian Rules and Cricket, enjoy a certain amount of successful competition, However, just how many Australian teenagers compete in the real tests of individual skill, endurance and strength - athletics, swimming, gymnastics, weight lifting, and the list goes on, To those who do take up these events, usually involving great personal expense, what kind of public or Government support do they receive? Just what facilities are available to them? Perhaps it is time to lure the youth of Australia into the more indivualistic pursuits through an increase in the amount of public money spent by the Government in the relatively new Ministries of Sport, Letters -to the Editor Dear Sir, Recently I was surprised to learn from a parent and from pupils in my Grade 8 mathematics class that many parents and pupils in Tennant 11ave the mil!ltaken idea that the courses of study / in academic subjects, such as English, Matha, c, Science, offered at Tennant Area School are sub, standard, and of a lower level than those offered in various Stats High Schools and Colleges, Having taught in Colleges in N,S,W, Victoria, 8th, Aust,, and Wsstsm Aust,, including Rostraver College, I can 'assure the Tennant Creek people that academic courses offered at Tennant Area School are equal in content and standard to those offered at the same level by High Schools and Colleges in the various states, and are indentical to those followed in many South Australian Schools, In my opinion the only reason that the perfcrmance of classes, as offered to individual pupils, at grades 9,10 & 11 at Tennant may fall below those of the top streams of these classes in Adelaide High Schools and Colleges is that nearly all the more talented and studious pupils have been sent to boarding shcool, leaving with exception, those who lack either the ability or the will to succeed, Were all the more talented and ambitious students to remain,class performances here would be as good as in most other places, "Have you a problem of an Electoral nature -c ontact IAN TUXWORTH member for service" yours faithfully, J. t<.oerner. Tennant Creek HOTEL * WHERE THE FOOD & BEER IS THE BEST IN TOWN * DANCING EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT 80pmto 1130.rn. TREES & SHRUBS feed system of black i the "rocks" not to plastic pipes, which in ;!displace the small shrubs, many cases is exposed, or damage the drip feed The picture on the left jsystem, Most of the why buy'"' P0Rt fPOIR ottons ~ ~ TU rental New trees and shrubs have recently been planted along Paterson street, and other parts of town. The trees and shrubs are being fed by a drip shows a shrub in the 'trees planted are protmedian strip in the area ected by chicken wire, opposite the Goldfields, as our picture on the We urge people to exer- right shows, From $10 per month P"TERSON STREET PHONE 157 cise care when crossing PLEASE BE CAREFUL,,,,,, --~;...;..~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .... UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT . Ptione 229 Paterson Street -- opp. Area COME and try our 2 TErtNANT TAXI TRUCK Specialised Freight Senice il5' ~ 4 Noble Street Tennant Creek, N.T. ~ TELEPHONE 168 "DYE TRUCK WILL TRAVEL" LIONS NOTES ONLY A COUPLE OF DAYS TO G 0 L D R U S H ~ After many months of organization, liaieon, arguing and fn.ietration - Tennants major annual function ie about to etart, Liane are dieeppointed that the R,A,A,F, saw fit to withdraw from a definite N,T, programme S to rob our people of the right to enjoy the psrt"o:nnanoee of their Sand and the enjoyment of late evening entertainment, Because of recent commitments by most of the major "Rush" characters, Sgt, Waters, the French Constable end others are no longer available, We are very lucky to have secured the services of Delore Whitman (Rosy Morgan of "Rush") who is Australia's most famous vaudeville star, Unfortunately, she can only attend on Goldrush eve and will feature as the star of the Goldrush Cabaret, Flight times from Alice Spr.!.ngs do not allow her to stay in Tennent for the Monday as she has to perfo:nn in Sydney on Tuesday night (so much for progress) , The handbagging Competition will be the biggest and best ever with a thousand dollars in prize money, The lucky holder of the winning Miners Right will win an ounce ingot of minted gold, and the closest child wins the same, To maintain the continuous entertainment aspect that we have wo:rl<:ed for this year, we have provided a sky-diver, a firewo:rl<:s perfo:nnance end a moto~cycle "ring-of-fire" exhibition, The Giant Slippery Dip and Merry-go-round will be as popular as ever, Dur local Drama Group will provide entertainment with the presentation of a "Rush" melodrama throughout the day, The Police will man an interesting display of detection equipment and will show their prizewinning photographic display, Other displays will be on hand and should attract much interest, The Bamyili Dance Group will be a highlight of the day and have attained such national recognition that they will soon perfonn overseas, Miss Australia will be in attendance and should help promote the wonderful effort of Donna Mathews - our local entrant, On GOLDRUSH DAY - wear your GDLDRUSH gear and help make it our best festival ever and in doing so, help our community in its endeavours. Thanks to everyone who have helped (and to those who will on the day) and many thanks to our fellow Service Club - Apex, TAA announces its new office AT LOT 60, PATTERSON ST., TENNAf\JT CREEK. PHONE TENNANT CREEK 256 All facilities are available enquire about your Christmas holiday travel now! TAA~ TAA 928 , ... ._., ,,, .., .... ,. ... , ......... - ~~' UAlil$S' _., MISS TENNANT CREEK FUND At the present time /our fund raising activities have been going very well, and the bank balance at the moment is approximately ~11,841, On the ll/?/?6 the Speedway Club let our Committee run their canteen for them, and the profits from this was about C~l 79, Mahy thanks to Br.Lan Moy and all the members of the Club, also to Mr Bob Reed for hie generous donation, A very generous donation of ()250 from Peko Mines has helped our account considerably, Another raffle has been run having a Half Bullock as first prize, which was won by a visitor to Tennant, Second Prize cf six bottles of wine was won by Peter Cornish and Third Prize of one doz,, beer was won by Tony Lanzarin, We raised :;144 from that raffle. Watch out for our stall at Goldrush, we will be selling homemade cakes etc,, and will also be looking for sponsors when we push wheelbarrows from the 7 f.lile into Town, While on the subject of Goldrush, we are hoping that Liiss Australia will be here to crown Miss Tennant Creek and also to help promote the cause, In answer to some of the questions that every one is wanting to know, about the Queet1 The :Fund Raising finiehes on the 24th September, and any money which is 'raieed after that date, goes towards the next years entrant, The judging of Miss N,T, and Miss N,T, Charity Queens is to be held in Alice Springs sometime in October, The girls are judged on their dress, personality, general knowledge and how they raised their money, The girl who raises the most money becomes Miss Char.tty Queen, At the present time our committee is looking for a vehicle which we can use fer our float in the Goldrush procession, If any one can help cut, please contact Chris Cl~:rl<:e at the A,N,Z, -Bank (Ph, 377) or Donna Mathews (Telecom) Ph,131 PUBLIC MEETING Don't forget August 4th, 7pm at the Court House, If you are sick of people talking of paper woric of big ideas and no action, come along to the meeting and be on the Council for Community Development & help get things done for Tennant, Interested, independent people are urged to attend as well as representatives from organizations and government departments, See you there: 711.aKita Po=& TIHllA For llDUSTRY AID COISTRUCTIOll L . Ph. 183