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Not published Dec. 26 1975, Jan. 2 1976, Dec. 24 1976, Dec. 31 1976, Dec. 30 1977, Jan. 6 1978.




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I"'' j, Sh ... , l6 ,,,,.!,~~!~~ oo Di""' No, 3 1 though the game was in Devils' favour until the last innings, Both teams started off short of players and thanks must go to Tomboys and Panthers girls Emma Cameron and Miriam Frank for helping out, For Sharks Shandelle and John Dllington hit l and 2 homers, and Raymond Small hit his first home run for the season, Glenn Tandy caught two fly balls in spite of having one arm freshly out of plaster, For Devils Shane Hamood hit a home run, Shane on first baAe snd Jason Wooldridge as pitcher showed good teamwork, Royals and Larrlkins tied at 22 each, For Royals David Signori hit 3 home runs and Anton Kozul hit one, Sabrina Signori was fielding well, and though hit in the mouth by a ball, carried on without complaint, For Larrikins Joan Pithis caught a fly ball and hit a horns run, Colin Pithis hit a homer also, David Parry played his first game with good understanding, and made it home twice, Panthers 25 defeated Tomboys 19, Ricky Williams and Leon Jones both hit homers, and Ricky caught a fly ball, Ricky and Eva continued their excellent teamwork between pitcher end 1st, Noeleen Plumber played well, coming home 4 times, Tomboys had homers hit by Kevin Elmy 1, and Theresa Allen 2, Calum Cameron and Corinne played well all round with good fielding and base running, Gerard Allen made 4 runs home, and despite a nasty hit in the ribs by the ball while fielding, still picked the ball up and threw it smartly, Souths 15 were defeated by Wombles 23, Homers for Wombles were hit by Ricky Paivinen (1) and Craig McDonnell (2), LAST GAf,1E:- The last Teeball competitions for this year will be held on Saturday August 14th, There will be no Tee Ball on the Goldrush Weekend, TENNANT CREEK AREA SPORTS The Annual Oompe'bition between Stuart, Flynn and Noble (Tennent Houae Teams) and Warrabri for the Pel<e Large Scheel Trophy I and between Brunette Dewns, 8orrolocla, Rockhampton Downs, Ti-Tree, Neutral Junction, Elliott, Newcastle Waters, Seetaloo and Banka Banke for the E,L, Marks Small School Trophy; will be held on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th August at bhe Area School Dvals, The"t:larnival will commence with a March Past of teams in Paterson Street at 9,30am on Day 1, The community is invited to offer their assistance as officials or to take part as spectators, The usual range of Athletic Events and Dall Games will be contested, However, Basketball & Volley Ball Games will be introduced for the Senior pupils, With Little Athletics going well in the town and Area School exchange visits interest is expected to be high, The Area School and Karguru School will be combining so that each House Team consists of Junior, Intermediate and Senior sections, The l<arguru P, & F, will be catering for the visiting schools while the Area School will billet them in classrooms The organisers look forward to co-operation of the Tennant Schools, the visitors and the community in general to make this Carnival f1. . a successful, . W TEE BALL ROSTER FOR GOLDRUSH DRINK STALL Devils: 2.45-3,45 Sharks: 3,45-4,45 Wombles: 4,45-5,45 Panthers:5.45-6,45 Royals: 6,45-7,45 Tomboys: 7.45-B,45 Leichhardt Larrikins: B.45-9,45 Souths: 9.45-10.45 GtL MEATS Homemade Smallgoods-Frankfarl\ 1 Stras, delectable flavour ~ Rolled Roast 69C a lb or 63C lb for IO lb lots t:J.. 4 Quarters Beef 35C lb All bulk orders pre, ~ :/ packed to your requirements ,~~J(IT''sh .. il,,i,_ .A,J~ '!J~,,1.14,~ PHONE 461 AH 457 - DELECTABULL ~ ' . I ~OLTS dUNIOR BASEBALL The first game sew Tepcate running cut winners over Phantoms 13 - 5, Safe hits for TopcstsiJ, Perry 3, C, Perry 2, S, Townely, M, Graham end p, Oawen sll 1 each, Rungetters:- c, Perry 4, J, Perry 3, S, Tcwnsly 21 R, Reid, P, Humphries P, Oawan & 6, A'Hang 1 each, Fly balls caught:~ P, Dawan 21 M, Graham & P, Humphries 1 each, Ssfehits for Phantoms:- M, Tandy & c, Dixon l each, Rungettere:- B, Parsons 2, A, Yates, o, Dixon and R, Carragher 1 each, r.1, Tandy tool( s good fly ball, In the second game Rangers defeabed Jaguars 14-8, Safe hits for Rangers:- 3 to C, Fiebig, D, Ward 1 K, Courts, J, Dixon, 2 each, 1 to B, r<slson l being a horner) and 1 to C, Plummer, Rungetters :- J. Dixon, El, 11elson end C, Fiebig 3 eaoh, D, Ward 2, and 1 each to I<, Courts, c, Tandy and C, Plummer, Fly balls caught: l by I<, Oerwick, Safe hits for Jaguars:- ~.1, Burton & S, l<applsr 2 each and l each to S, Conway, R, Raymond and O, Elruce, Rungetters:- 2 to El, Ryan and 1 each to N, Reid, le:, Burton, S, Conway, S, Kappler, O, Bruce and G, Dixon, Flyballs caught:- 1 each to G, Dixon and R, Raymond, LADDER :llL:\M l\l.Qli b9.l t:.9l AGAif.IST ,. ~ /,;; Topcats 7 4 80 74 l.OB 14 Jaguars 6 5 98 39 110 12 Phantoms 5 6 B5 89 96 l.O Rangers 4 _7 __ , 83 94 88 8 1 8-0 lead, eventually went down to Pirates 8 GRADE CASEBALL F1EPORT I 12-9, El raves won the first looking for olayers, game on a forfeit from Anybody that would like School last Sunday. to play 11c11 Grade, The School side are The second game please contact Bob GOLF NEWS The third and final round cf the local Championships was played on Sunday, in rather warmer conditions than is usual for July, Sundays event wee wen in fine style by J, Mccarry, with 76 off the stick, The long drive went to o, DeClifford, The Junior Members event was won by G, Page, with hie brother Rod hitting the lens drive, Associates winner M, Lindsay, with a nett ae, has shown consistent form, thereby winning the 11 8 11 Grade Championship, Margaret alii'Jo went nearest the pin, and J, Leonhardt wen the long drive, This coming Friday night will be a Novelties Night at the Clubhouse, Come out and have a good time, you may even win the Jackpot which stands at approximately ()55, The Jackpot is drawn at 7,00pm, Following are the results of the Championships A Grade Members:- R, Barton 236 Gross J, McCarry 204 l'ett 3 Grade - Gross result undecided, playoff between r.~, Christensen and O, Page at futre date, P, Polovich 201 Nett c. Grads:- A, Winger 282 Gross J, Ward 198 Nett D, Grads:- R, Forward 288 Gross R, Pratt 205 Matt Jnr. r.:smbers:- G, Page 262 Gross R Page 196 Nett A Grade Associates:- 8, Kappler 2B9 Gross r.1. r.:eagher 290 Runnerup B Grade:- 1.., Lindsay 318 Gross " Courts 321 Runnerup C Grade:- ~.Staunton 342 Gross J, Leonhardt 349 Run,,Up between Tigers and Burton (Ph, 181) or d Jnr, Associates:-Pirates more than ma e Kevin Conway (Ph, 357), '' Quinton C, Courts 330 Gross up for the 1st game with There will be no excitment and closeness, games next Sunday (Gold- Players taking part in the "Open" Championships, Tigers after taking an rush Weekend), I are reminded to arrive at the Clubhouse at least 370 Runnsrup llllAl~lll i~N~I~,b~:~h:~e-off 'ig. ~~~i~~;~~i:i:;;:~ :~~:s k saw close competition Paterson St. Tennant Cree beh1een Pints and Peb- 23 _ ;lar:ego Red won ' bles and between Nomdd~ on rorfeit. FOR FRESH BREAD DAILY and '.lodgers, with PintE LAD'.JER: 24HRS. A DAY - 7 DAYS A WEEK and Nomads winning. ~ ockbusters 20 F SPECIAL d 9ockbusters continued 14 Or ers \~arrego Red or your ~:t~h:~\~!ynn~:~ ~~~~ Pints 14 Pebbles 10 Cl\ntact school. Nomad lO V 98 I Results: Pints 5 sets School 8 co N & MICK . or phone f :~t~a~~s g~~e=~bb~~~a~s ~~~;:~~ Blue. 6 HOT WATER SERVICE SEpnc SYSTEMS GAS COLO WATER SUPPLY ROOF WORK GENERAL MAINTENANCE FREE QUOTATIONS (NOTE: Our quotations WILL BE the cost of the job) d out by EXPERIENCED TRADESMEN using the CORRECT WORK carrie MATERIALS SEWERAGE CONNECTIONS - have your house etc. connected sewerage system. ('1mnatfa1 GENERAL PUJMBING to the R40 TRENCH DIGGER - LOADER FOR HIRE 34 AMBROSE STREET P.O. BOX 338 PHONE 316 ,,