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Not published Dec. 26 1975, Jan. 2 1976, Dec. 24 1976, Dec. 31 1976, Dec. 30 1977, Jan. 6 1978.




Community newspapers -- Northern Territory -- Tennant Creek; Tennant Creek (N.T.) -- Newspapers

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the Apex Club of Tennant Creek

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Tennant Creek

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The Tennant and district times

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Copyright. Made available by the publisher under licence.

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the Apex Club of Tennant Creek



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May the 15th and ~t ' Warrego Wednesday May 18th is the fantastic double feature "THE ISLAND AT THE TOPCiF THE WORLD" and "ESCAPE TD WITCH MOUNTAI_N_" __ Both these films will appeal to all age groups not just children. Screening at the Tennant Drive-In on Wednesday the 18th of May and at Warrego the 22nd May "THE BEST OF WALT DISNEY'S TRUE LIFE ADVENTURES" This film opens with a pictorial salute to the man himself, whose belief that animals were fascinating, that birds could be amazing, and that all of nature was startling and dramatic resulted in this special form of screen entertainment, Screening at the Tennant Drive-In next Friday 20th May and at Warrego Sunday May 22 "MAD DOG MORGAN" made by the producers of Sunday Too Far Away, and based on the book "Morgan the Bold Bushranger" In 1853 a 20 yearold youth named Daniel Morgan joins the fevered rush for gold in the British colonies of Victoria and New South Wales, Around him fabulous fortunes are made and squandered, but he has little luck, and from there his story begins, ====== PETER DEAN G Co. SoJicitors ... will be visiting Tennant Creek Monday 16, Tuesday 17, May. For appointments please contact Eldorado Motor Lodge. Have you a proble~ i of an Electoral nature contact IAN TUXWORTH, member for service Heard some hard luck golf stories on Sunday, but one fellow came in smiling after his ball hit a tree on the 13th and landed on the green for two. Missed his birdie though~ Heard that there is a new janitor at the Area School. He is a shortish chap with light brown hair and a moustache G speaks with a refined accent. Heard that the Golf Club has started its burning off program a little earlier this year and closer to town. Heard that the local horse doctor is taking an interest in ham. Heard that there's been a few flying saucers up around Elliott. Heard that the majority of people involved in a recent demonstration in Alice Springs were Committee Members of a certain political party and their families, Seen Goldfields man wearing a smile in place of his oeard, Heard - The Sisters accomodation in the new Hospital should be ready by June, and the Hospital will be nearing completion in November. Seen, heard and felt Heard that a certain Suzie ~o~ the bumping school teacher may be ALP competition at the Golf nominee for the Stuart Club dance by a long shot electorate. Seen - Apex boys on 4 wheels - skating??? Heard Ken & Wendy had a daughter, Bronwyn Maxine. Congratulations, TENNANT CREEK SERVICE STATION Pty. Ltd. Open from 7am. to 9pm. EVERY DAY ~Ul, Oil, tnavel aCCSSOUlS SRVIC OUR motto cxawJ'KS There have been some very favourable comments on the last few recipes from my Queensland cuisinieres, so here is another beauty. I made double the quantity suggested in the recipe given to me - and even then the only complaint was that there weren't enough~ One usually staid colleague even went so far as to misappropriate a few for his special friends. I'm sure they enjoyed them. I was told in advance that they were "really very delicious". So thanks to Jean Freeman of Brisbane for this week's delicacy: Jean's Cheese Scones 2 cups Self-Raising flour. A pinch of salt l~ cups grated cheese 2 grated onions 2 eggs and milk mixed to make l~ cups. Mix all together in mixer until all blended. DroB into greased patty pans in a hot oven - 500 F. for about 10 minutes. GORDON BLUE C.W.A. NEWS A successful Mothers Day Fair was held last Saturday morning. The cake and goods stall n1ade $38, the raffle, for a beautiful cake, made $39, and was won by Mrs. M. Brand and is to be their small daughter's birthday cake. There were successful stalls for Arts G Crafts, Plants, Pre-school Kaguru Books and the Pensioners Association. It was a friendly, chatty occasion, which we must have again. DEPARTMENT OF CONSTRUCTION TENDERS/QUOTATIONS closing with the Area Manager Department of Construction, Tennant Creek at 2,00 p,m. on the 26th May, 1977, are invited for:TPQ 55 ELLIOTT - Police Station - reroof office and replace water tanks. SPECIFICATIONS are available on application to the offices of the Department of Construction, Tennant Creek. QUOTATIONS must be on the official form and enclosed in a sealed envelope which is endorsed with the name of the work and addressed to the Area Manager, Department of Construction, Tennant Creek N, T. 5760, TENNANT CREEK A. JACKA, Area Manger, Mf [ 1 fi[B Memorial Club 1911 *MODERN CLUB *BINGO *FILM WEEKLY * SNOOKER/8 BALL TABLES *COUNTER LUNCHES MON. SAT. *FUNCTION BOOKINGS AVAILABLE *QUADRAPHONIC EQUIPMENT ON PREMS. BEER, WINES & SPIRITS AVAILABLE 7