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.. , l~~~~~~~~p~{!1-P~':1~~~~~~~~~~~~ I agree with tne person in as much as . hat the stop sign shoul~ stop the traffio j,n Schmidt Street, HoweVel'11 Land Rights The Leader of the Opposition, Mr, Whi'blam, this week visited Aboriginal leaders at Wattie Creek, Northern Territory, on the first anniversary of the handing over of leasehold land right~ to the purindji people by the Labor Government, A year ago Mr, Whitlam visited Wattie Creek to present to the Gurindji eldsrs a lease conferring on them rights to their ancient tribal lands On Monday hs returned to the sits of last year's oersmony with Senator J, Keeffe, Oposition Spokesman on Aboriginal Affairs, and Mr Les Johnson, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs in the Labor Government in 1975, I do not agree that "Give Way" signs should be enough in Tennant Creek - not with some of the hillbilly drivers we have in oJ..lr town, who think that our streets are weekday speed tracks SMOKEY It is tragic and ironio that the anniversary Deer Sir, ooinoided with savage outs in Aboriginal funds in I refer to the range the Fraser Budget, The Fraser Government's rec- of benefits available ord on Aboriginal affairs has been said to be one from the Department of of almost unbelievable dishonesty, heartlessness Sooial Security and in and broken promises, particular, Sickness Despite election promises that Aboriginal Senefit, This, broadly, budgets would not be cut the Government has taken is payable to anyone who $33 million from Aboriginal programs and this loses pay due to illness could destroy many worthwhile Aboriginal enter- or injury, Twice, in prises the last two weeks, The Australian people had shown overwhelmingl) cases have c::ime to my in the referendum in 1967 that they wanted the knowledge, where people Federal Government to be responsible for Abori- could have claimed it, ginal welfare, Is Fraser Government defying ~his but did not, as they did instruction? not know it existed, Some sections of the community feel that the Any person who thinks future of land rights is also in jeopardy under he or she has a claim the Fraser Government. for any class of benefit The Prime lliinister, IJr Fraser, had promised a or pension is advised to delegation of Aboriginals from the Northern submit a claim at their Territory in March that the government would earliest convenience. Oft1oe 1 Windley Street, to assist and advise, where possible, Jim Moo:re DISTRICT OFFICER, SOCIAL SECURITY TENNANT CREEK N,T, Dear Si:r, Just recently the Tennant Creek Area School Sports Carnival was held, All participating schools received a mention, bar ans, that being the Warrego School, Admittedly we were not hosted by the Area School, but many of our children who participatec on these two days, and did exceptionally well for a first time entry in competition sports, were a little disappoint ad not to have received a mention in your paper, Hoping you will publish this letter to let the Warrego School Ghil~ ran know that we are proud of them for their achievement and sports11anship. A Proud Parerit, retain control of land rights legislation. The Submitting a claim does bill introduced by the r,1inister for Aboriginal Oear Sir, Affairs, f,1r, Viner, in June, may abrogated this not in itself guarantee One would think that commitment, payment, but each case with the increasing cosce The Labor Government's commitment to the is decided on its own of airfares & airfreight Gurindji people symbolic of a commitment to all merit, Similarly, any that services would imprAboriginal people, may also be abrogated. person put our of wori< ova, instead of the dete A year ago the Gurindji people were given should register for rioration that is taking lease-hold title to their land and a firm Jnemployment Benefit as place, f\lost things imprassurance that this title would become free hold, soon as possible after ova with timE but airlin following passage of land rights legislation. becoming ur.employed as es just get worse. How The Gurindji may not receive automatic free- this benefit cannot be bad can this servicE get? hold title to their land when the legislation backdated, Soma say it can only get before the Parliament is enacted. I hope, in the near better, but tell this to It is time that we had a firm decision on future, to distribute to the pecple v.ho took tickthese matters. What will or will not happen? clubs, organisations etc, ets and get off-loaded. ._ ___________ ..,. _______ .._ ___ _,pamplets detailing the Others go to the ;;:irport ' letters to the Editor range of benefits payablE ard find that their " by the Department of bookE:d seat is non-axis . : 1 Dear Sir, ~ ~ ~ ~ Social Security, in the tent and on occE,sior.s , r I refer to the letter hope that people will passeni;ers arriving at . ' to the Editor in last become more aware of Tennant Creek fine! that ,g~ weeks T ,T. No, 57 about what assistance is their ccses are Etill in the stop sign on the available to them, Alice, Then there is the corner of Davidson and I am available most of freight that migr,t be , 4 Schmidt Streets, the time in the District despatched on a MondEY G Phone 229 Paterson Street -- opp. Area BIRTHDAY CAKES A SPECIALTY! COME and try ~1cM~~~ Memorial Club 1976 *MOIDERN CLUB *BINGO *FILM WEEKLY * SNOOKER/8 BALL TABLES *COUNTER LUNCHES MON. SAT. *FUNCTION BOOKINGS AVAILABLE *QUADRAPHONIC EQUIPMENT Ct! PREMS. -*WINES & SPIRITS AVAILBLE if it arrives by the .. ~a ''. weekend you a:rs doing f'ji~ti}~~~ r-\lr well, The freight ie AJ. ~(~; (@ ~).rr of.'ten t:ransfe:red to come J> , ; ) 1 ~J ~ by road f:rom Alice, //_,-- 'r. -"''~- .L Don't you think that -- - , "' -,-r -.;:-:-<:J"' the two oompsniee would [ID "'-"- OIJJco-operste especially ! when the)' arrive within 15 minutes of seer. other, One plane is usually full and the other haJ.f full, Heard tha new guests It seems that they only (unwelcome) have moved co-operate wl-,en it e"1its into the Warrego Cerathemselves, As for some- van Pa~. Let's hope thing arrlving or. a that they beehive them regular ba1:0is, yo"' csri selves, fcr'get it., How often de we miss out on our southern papers bec:suse they have beer cff loaded? I believe Uat regctiations ere tal<ing ~lace to haVE the papers sert by roacl. This wc'ul cl oe!'l airily be mc:ire n.1 ieble end if anything it would be a fas:ter sE.rvicE, This letter is ~ot. to ~nool< t~e local agerts w!-.o have to tal<e: every thing from el. crycre ard whose ~ar~s sre tied crnd have to take tl1e bucl< pEESir>c; fr orr uniritE.re.stE~cJ c%plC1)'BE:s frorr. the south, Sgd. H,O'Ccinnc'r *** Dear Sir, On Saturday (28,G.;6} I saw two Police Constablee drive over the median strip, after a Dance at the Swan Hotel, I preume that they have not been told by their superiors that the concrete paths are for walking on not driving on. I wonder what would happen if one of the public did the same? Bundy Ryan *** ST NICHOLAS CLUB ~ LOTTERY J.1 3rd Bonus Prize Ticket No, 113 Martin R einds Quote of the week must go to a local Rugby player who, after receiving a trophy from Gough Whitlam said, "Thank you ~lalcolm", Counted: between the Guide/Scout Hall and the Pink Palace - 450 drink cans, Should the road be changed to the White Can Highway? (ED, Why didn't you pick them up if you had time to count them} , Heard that the man who 'fell 90ft, down a Peko shaft and survived virtually unscathed is most disappointed to find the shaft is closed as he wished to repeat the performance. An idea for Apex service to the community - widows and senior citizens may appreciate a few hours of manual labour in their yards and gardens, (ED, The same thought is expressed by Apexian wives] , Heard that the owner of that priceless horse, Paw Paw, (two Goldrush starts, two prizes] has rate. .. " .1ed to Brisbane, whilst the horse stays at its courtry holiday home, llllAI~ Paterson St., Tennant Creek ; 0-- ----- Q)! 1 For your SPECIAL I 'i ORDERS . contact : CON or MICK, I 98 O'-~ 1 <9 phone ~: l ________ _, __ .ROCK WEDDING t On daturday 28th August there was a fi:rst at the Dev:!J,~ Marb~es, The wedding of Karen Doda qnd Clartie Sheldon was witnessed by approximateJ;'y one hundred guests and was officiated by M:r, A, Bradow, The bride arrived at 6,00pm and the ceremony oommenoed at 6,15pm, At the oonolusion there was champagne "on the l~~o~~~ ~~[~~n :~~e~=d~~~g i~~~~m=~~e~~e=~=r=e~~;t 1,reoept:l.on was held, '' . - - . 1fOZENS GARAGE . : - MAINl'lfAHC GARAGES .u.z.1 ... .A9'.&ll.BU mt -- ~ ~ All REPAIP.S, CARS, TRUCKS, HEAVY EQUIPMENT STATIONARY MOTORS & MODERN EQUIPMENT All TYPcS Of WELDING, BULL BARS, TOW BARS. STEEL SHEDS, LATHEWORK ETC. ' ,,,, 'I, -"'