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Not published Dec. 26 1975, Jan. 2 1976, Dec. 24 1976, Dec. 31 1976, Dec. 30 1977, Jan. 6 1978.




Community newspapers -- Northern Territory -- Tennant Creek; Tennant Creek (N.T.) -- Newspapers

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the Apex Club of Tennant Creek

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Tennant Creek

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The Tennant and district times

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Copyright. Made available by the publisher under licence.

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the Apex Club of Tennant Creek



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She is now I6, 2oz, butter - t cup plain flour - l tsp, a dash of cayenne pepper - l~ cups milk separated, - 6 eggs 11-R-U_B_Bl-SH_B_IN_S ________ _ nelp Keep Tennant Deaut f or Main Street ifu1 by not littering Prepare a 4-pint souffle dish, according to the method given above. Llelt butter, blend in flour and seasonings, then gradually add milk and cook, stirring constantly until thickened, Remove from heat and add grated cheese, Stir over gentle heat until the cheese has melted. Add egg-yolks, one at a time, beating well after each addition; cool slightly, Ceat egg-whites until stiff, then fold into cheese mixture, Pour into the prepared souffle dish, Dake in a moderate oven for 40 to 45 minutes, Serve immediately. Serves 4-6, Remember hot souffles must be eaten at once and served with e warm spoon, G on Appeti t, GORDON BLUE I I LAUBMAN AND PANK PTY. LTD. Em OPTOMETRISTS MR. H.W. ROSENBfRG WILL VISIT AS BELOW TENNANT CREEK Tennant Creek Hotel: Saturday 11th September Sunday 12th September APPTS: TENNANT CREEK HOTEL ALICE SPRINGS PHONE 4 77 Murray Neck' Monday 13th September Tuesday 14th September Wednesday 15th September Thursday 16th September Friday 17th September APPTS: MURRAY NECK TODD STREET PHONE 522487 our main street, especiIt looks like at long ally on weekends when last the main street wil there is no street cleanbe completed, with the ing service, Dur canine edition of new rubbish friends will no longer bins and stands, be able to have fun in We beleive that a contract has been let for ID bins and stands to be completed this month, Here's hoping that the people will use them as they should and knocking over those ugly 44 gallon drums which the business people were forced to put out j_n front of their shops as a temporary measure whic lasted eight months. KARL HERZOG(JNR) ~'Photographer~ 1 FOR <Jit Wnnanb CZTmes Any photographs which appear in the TENNANT TIMES can be ordered at the Tennant Times Office. for any