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Not published Dec. 26 1975, Jan. 2 1976, Dec. 24 1976, Dec. 31 1976, Dec. 30 1977, Jan. 6 1978.




Community newspapers -- Northern Territory -- Tennant Creek; Tennant Creek (N.T.) -- Newspapers

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the Apex Club of Tennant Creek

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Tennant Creek

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The Tennant and district times

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the Apex Club of Tennant Creek



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. ~ '7tn1U111(.' '7111111 /IWl.ISHED BYAf'E~. CLUBOFTENNANTCREEI< N Hrvil fl> lht c;ommlll'llty delivered by T~ - - - - - - ----- - --- ------- - ---- ------ -- - - - - - ---- - - --- - - - - - --- -- -- -- -- -- -- ---- ----- ------- - ~ -- SPORT ----~- -- ~ ----- - --- --- --~------ - - - --- ------ -- - - - ---- --------- -~----------- - - PIRATES TAKE IT EASY BASEBALL . SOFTBALL In the first game played 1ast "Sunday Pirates met Braves, Pirates lost the toss and were put in to bat, Pirates got off to a good start with 4 runs coming in top first, Braves ware held scoreless at their first time at bat, after having bases loaded, died, Pirates came back in top 2nd with another 4 runs making the score B 0, Braves soared l run in the 3rd, by a pass ball, Pirates scored another 2 in the 3rd, l in the 5th and l in the 7th, Braves scored only 2 more, one in the 6th and l in the 7th, Pirates running out winners 12 - 3, Safe hits for Braves: l each to K,Williams, D. Hoffmann, G, Parsons, M, Barr & E. Schoppe, Rungetters: l each ta K, Williams, O. Hoffmann and M, Barr, Safe hits for Pirates: 3 to J, Taroa, 2 each D, Kerrin and A. Parsons, 1 each to R, Maher, J, Ackland and 'I, Bates, ODo.GERS DUTBAT TIGERS In the second game Tigers met Dodgers. Tigers looked as though they might toss the Dodgers up until the last dig when Dodgers scored 5 runs, improving the score from 5-3 to lD-3, which was the final score, Tigers were out batted and th~re were errors on both sides, Safe hits for Tigers: 2 to R, Tandy, A. Gillard 1 each to 0, Meyer, K, Kerrin, and T, Dillworth, Rungetters: 2 to K, Kerrin and 1 to D.Meyer, Safe hits for Dodgers: 3 to V, Yates 2 each to C, James, M, Sodoli and 1 each to P, Low and J, Whaites, Rungetters: 3 to C, James '2 each to V, Yates, A, Walford and M, Sodoli and 1 to D, Roberts, Winners of the Drive-in passes were: J, Tarca, C, Hoffman, C, Dllington and P, Low, Next weeks games (Sunday s't:h Sept,) are: First game (l.l5pm) - PIRATES v DODGERS Second Game - TIGERS v E'RAVES B GRADE BASEBALL Top team "Home" had an easy win against Tigers, the bottom team, The final score was 11 : 3, At no time did Home look in any trouble, Features of the game were four dynamic safe hits by Homes short stop - Geoff Niethe, In the second game, due to players being away in Alice Springs, Braves forfeited to Pirates, FOR ALL TOMBOYS WIN CLOSE GAME An upset was caused last Saturday at Softball with Tomboys defeating Pumaralis in a close game 9 - 6 in the first match, All the Tomboys played well especially L, Young and L, Christopher and D, Ford played well far Pumaralis, Safehits for Tomboys: L, Christopher, M, Parsons, L, Young 2, G, Freudenstein, E, Hill, P, Barrett, B, Fitz, P, Johnson l each, Rungetters: L, Christopher 3, M, Parsons 2, L. Young, B, Fitz, R, Stein, P, Johnson l, Safehits for Pumaralis: D. Ford, D, Mathews 2, A, Taroa l, Rungetters: D, Mathews 2, L, Dittmar, L,Kerrin P, Sullivan, D, Ford 1 each, SAHJTS TDD STRONG In the second game Saints proved too strong for Eldorado winning 22-5, With D, Renfrey play- ing well for Saints at 1st base as did pil:cher 0, Campbell, D, Knape tried hard for Eldorado, Safehits for Saints: C, Vostenbosch 4, D, Campbell, T, Renfrey 3, K, Hutcheson 2, D,Burton, C, Whaites, V, Renfrey, D, Renfrey 1 each, Rungetters: C, Vostenbosch 5, V, Renfrey, K. Hutcheson 3, T, Renfrey, D, Burton, C, Whaites, W, Harding 2, D, Campbell, D, Renfrey 1 each, Safehits for Eldorado: D, Knape 2, L,Patterson, R, Woolridge l. Rungetters: D, Knape, R, Wool ridge 2, L, Patterson 1, This weeks games will be the start of the Finals, YOUR.) z6' ARTIFACTS