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Transcript of Interview Ms Martin/Mr Reed/Ms Vamourie with Ms Christensen 8DDD ABC Darwin Drive Time dated 27 November 2001



Transcript of Interview Ms Martin/Mr Reed/Ms Vamourie with Ms Christensen 8DDD ABC Darwin Drive Time dated 27 November 2001

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Tabled Papers for 9th Assembly 2001 - 2005; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT




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9 I'd be very surprise if I'm not called to it at some time. I haven't been called to the hearings on Friday Julia but I'd expect at some time in the new year that I would be but my major concern at the moment is the slate of hand that the Labor Party are playing in terms of trying to blame everyone else but themselves in relation to the additional debt that they just racked up. The job cuts, the 1000 jobs out of the public service over the next few years in an economy that is already weakening will take 1000 families out of the Territory economy who would otherwise be buying furniture, buying day to day requirements, seeking entertainment and doing a whole range of other things just to make money freed up in the public service to pay for Labor's election promises. It is totally irresponsible. Reporter: Your saying is a slight of hand but do you think you'll come out of this Public Accounts Committee inquiry squeaky clean. REED: I've got no concerns about the Public Accounts Committee. I can go there and answer the questions that I would expect them to ask. My real concern is for the future of the Territory at the moment in terms of the way that the Labor Party is approaching their governance of the Northern Territory. The fact that they're going to drastically reduce the number of public sector employees and whilst some people might welcome that, the fact is that it will reduce the workforce in the Northern Territory and those people who spend their disposable income on all of the things that they do in the normal walk of life will be taken out of the economy at the very time when we should be trying to build the economy and get people spending and be more confident. The other side of this mini budget is that ironically the only positives that have come out of it and that you see Clare Martin or Labor Minister's doing of recent times is visiting railway projects which were started by the CLP and going to the wharf and expelling the virtues of the work and jobs that have been created with the extension of the wharf that was put in place for the GST and the irony of them all was the only initiative today to generate new activity in the private sector as the reintroduction of the CLP's very successful quick start program. This Government is without innovation, without any imagination and bereft of any ideas as to how to keep the public sector going and completely directly towards social activities rather than the work that should be doing to create jobs and the fact that theyve distributed, I think something in the order of an extra $80M they've announced in expenditure today Julia and less than a quarter of that will go to job creation programs. The remained will go to additional costs and burdens on tax payers with programs in relation to Government activities. Reporter: Given your bleak view of the Territory's future, what of your future? Are you here for the long haul? REED: This transcript is taken from a tape recording, and freedom from errors, omissions or misunderstandings cannot be guaranteed.