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Extension of Internet Gaming Operators Agreement Between Hon. S J Stirling Minister for Racing Gaming and Licensing and Lasseters Casino PTY LTD dated 19 November 2001



Extension of Internet Gaming Operators Agreement Between Hon. S J Stirling Minister for Racing Gaming and Licensing and Lasseters Casino PTY LTD dated 19 November 2001

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of the courts of the Northern Territory of Australia and any court hearing appeals from those courts. 9.8 Onus of proof In any dispute arising out of or in respect of this agreement or the licence, and without limiting the generality o f the foregoing, where any question arises as to whether there has been any event o f default, or whether any other event giving rise to a right o f termination on the part o f the Minister has occurred, the onus of proof shall rest with the Operator. 9.9 Assignment At the request of the Operator, the Minister will consent to the assignment of this agreement to a person approved under the Control Act as assignee of the licence. 9.10 Provision of information The Operator must provide to the Minister from time to time at his request such information, additional to the information otherwise expressly referred to in this agreement, as the Minister may require in relation to the operation and conduct o f the Operator's internet gaming business, including without limitation any information segmented by reference to specific games and/or player losses on specific games. 10. DISCLOSURE y 10.1 General principles Subject to clauses 10.2 and 10.3 the Operator acknowledges that in the performance of his duties as a Minister o f the Crown the Minister may be obliged to disclose publicly information in relation to the Operator's internet gaming business. 10.2 Representations by the Operator If the Operator believes that the disclosure of information of the kind referred to in clauses 10.1 and 10.5 will irreparably damage its business, it may make representations to the Minister at the time that the information is provided to the Minister and the Minister undertakes to give good faith consideration to those representations, having regard to his duties and responsibilities as a Minister o f the Crown. 10.3 Consultation The Minister will consult, or cause consultation to be undertaken, with the Operator, before disclosing information of the kind referred to in clause 10.1 and 10.5. 10.4 Disclosable information The Operator consents to the disclosure by the Minister o f detailed information including game type, turnover, player loss, tax rates, jurisdictional origin of playexs, disputes, contraventions and penalties, through the annual report of the Department of Industries and Business, and to the governments and government agencies and departments of the other States and Territory of Australia and of the Commonwealth and to research groups including but not limited to the Australian Gambling Statistics publication and the Productivity Commission. DRWDOCS\CC)ULTSI\26019.13