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Coroners Act In the matter of Coronial Findings and Recommendation into the Death of Ms Souzana Afianos pursuant to section 46B dated 1 January 2004



Coroners Act In the matter of Coronial Findings and Recommendation into the Death of Ms Souzana Afianos pursuant to section 46B dated 1 January 2004

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despite the submissions of Mr Glascott to the contrary, that contacting Dr Treacy at that time would not have prevented the death in this case. Although Dr Treacy said he would have taken a number of steps such as a barium x-ray and the insertion a nasogastric tube, consensus amongst the medical personnel is that no test which would have been undertaken on 18 February 2002 would have pointed to the catastrophic bleed which was to occur on 21 February 2002. In light of that, nothing that was done or omitted to be done on 18 February 2002 contributed to the death. I accept that evidence overall. Although Mr Glascott submitted that had Dr Treacy been called he would have determined that the band was too tight and would therefore have loosened or removed it, there was no specific evidence to that effect, nor is that submission consistent with the evidence. 21. After her discharge from Accident & Emergency, apart from continuing to be in apparent discomfort and to make some complaints about pain, nothing eventful further occurred until Tuesday 19 February 2002. Mrs Florance said that the Deceased then appeared to still be in a lot of pain and discomfort and was breathing in a laboured and heavy way. She said that the Deceased had gone to her restaurant with her during that day. She said that at dinner time the Deceased went to the nearby Chinese restaurant and came back with chicken and corn soup. She said the Deceased told her that it had been pureed. Mrs Florance described the soup as being like dirty water and with the consistency of water. She observed the Deceased taking five or six spoonfuls and then commenting that she felt full. She said that the Deceased could not get comfortable and was constantly moving around. Arrangements were made for Mr Paul Florance to take the Deceased back to the house. 2 2 . On the next morning (Wednesday, 20 February 2002) Mrs Florance said that the Deceased was still unwell and still in apparent discomfort and pain. She recalled that the Deceased left in the morning by taxi.. Mrs Florance did not 9