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Coroners Act In the matter of Coronial Findings and Recommendation into the Death of Ms Souzana Afianos pursuant to section 46B dated 1 January 2004



Coroners Act In the matter of Coronial Findings and Recommendation into the Death of Ms Souzana Afianos pursuant to section 46B dated 1 January 2004

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This may well be one instance where the pain level did not concern the Deceased. 2 7 . At approximately 1.00pm that day the Deceased telephoned Dr T reacy s rooms. The call was reliably confirmed by Nicole Cox, Dr T reacy s receptionist, when she gave her evidence. Ms Cox said that she had occasion to recall the telephone conversation she had with the Deceased on that day as Dr Treacy had told her of the death the following day. That had caused her then to remember the details and she has recalled those details ever since. I consider that to be very plausible, notwithstanding that no note was made of the conversation at anytime thereafter. Ms Cox said that Deceasec told her she had gone to the University, had overdone it, was feeling too tired and therefore cancelled the appointment. She recalled immediately thereafter telephoning Dr Treacy to advise him of the cancellation. I thought it odd that the Deceased chose to cancel the appointment with Dr Treacy yet attended the appointment with Dr Patton. After all, it appears the appointment arranged with Dr Treacy was arranged before she attended her appointment with Dr Patton. She could quite easily have cancelled Dr Pattons appointment and that obviously would have been the preferable course in all the circumstances. 2 8 . The Deceased then apparently returned to the home of Mrs Florance arriving there at approximately 4.00pm. This does not fit comfortably with the cancellation, at 1.00pm, of her 2.00pm appointment with Dr Treacy citing that she was too tired to attend. She went to bed at approximately 10.00pm that evening. Mrs Florance said that she saw her when she got home from work. She said she was then still in apparent discomfort. 2 9 . The dramatic events in relation to this matter occurred on the morning of Thursday, 21 February 2002. Mrs Florance said she was woken at about 5.00am that morning by screams for help from the Deceased. Mrs Florance said that she went into her lounge room and saw the Deceased standing by 12