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Coroners Act In the matter of Coronial Findings and Recommendation into the Death of Ms Souzana Afianos pursuant to section 46B dated 1 January 2004



Coroners Act In the matter of Coronial Findings and Recommendation into the Death of Ms Souzana Afianos pursuant to section 46B dated 1 January 2004

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2002. He said that the Deceased had told both he and his wife that she had an appointment at 10.30am with Dr Treacy. This was not correct as the evidence shows that she had an appointment at that time with Dr Patton. I wonder whether perhaps the omission of details in the conversation between the Deceased and the others and certain assumptions on the part of Mr and Mrs Florance might have led to this misapprehension that the appointment was with Dr Treacy. I say this because it is clear that there was no appointment in place with Dr Treacy at the time. Moreover if the Deceased made a call from the home of the Florances at Yarrawonga at 10.16am to arrange an appointment then she could not even have attended a 10.30am for the appointment with Dr Patton. That leads me to conclude that the appointment with Dr Patton must have been arranged earlier that morning. I suspect that the call identified on the telephone records for the F lorances home as being to the Northern Territory University switchboard at 9.14am was the occasion when that appointment was made. That cannot be said with certainty as the Deceased worked for the University and could have been calling for reasons associated with her work. It appears the Deceased may have given some attention to work matters that day by reason of the explanat ion she gave to Ms Cox for cancelling the appointment with Dr Treacy. Moreover this ties in with the comment that Mr Florance made that he was going into town for an appointment at 9.30am and offered to take the Deceased to her appointment at that time. That offer obviously must have been made before 9.30am. He said that she declined because citing that it was too early for her. Clearly she must have known then when her appointment was for her to make such a statement. The appointment certainly could not have been made after the Deceased spoke to Dr Treacy as that call concluded at approximately 10.20am and it would have been very optimistic of the Deceased to thereafter arrange an appointment with Dr Patton 10 minutes later when clearly it would take her much longer than that in travel time alone. Interestingly Mr Florance said that when she arrived back at the house at approximately 4.00pm on Wednesday 20 37