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Annual Report 2003/2004 Menzies School of Health Research



Annual Report 2003/2004 Menzies School of Health Research

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Menzies School of Health Research 2003 Annual Report | Research Funding | 31 research funding Competitive Research Grants awarded during 2003 Details of ongoing MSHR funding is available online at www.menzies.edu.au Funder Chief investigator(s) Grant type Title Term funded Total funds Australian Tuberculosis GRACE Jocelyn; Project Reasons for non-starting, non-acceptance and non-compliance 1/07/2003 $17,003 Research Group KRAUSE Vicki with latent tuberculosis infection (LTBI) treatment in a remote 30/06/2004 Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory CardioVascular Lipid (Pfizer) BROWN Alex; Project Comparison of the quality and outcomes of secondary prevention 1/01/2004 $50,000 CURRIE Bart; for Indigenous and non-Indigenous patients after acute coronary 3/12/2004 WEERAMANTHRI, Tarun syndromes in the Northern Territory Channel 7 Children's FAGAN Peter; Project Screening of a human heart cDNA library using sera from a 1/07/2003 $38,000 Research Foundation of SA CURRIE Bart patient with rheumatic fever 30/06/2004 Community Health and KELLY Paul M; Project The Mimika pulmonary disability in TB patients study (Year 2) 1/01/2004 $42,550 Tuberculosis Australia ANSTEY Nicholas M; 31/12/2004 MAGUIRE Graeme Department of Health & BAILIE Ross S Project Housing Improvement and Child Health Study (HICH) 20/04/2004 $59,344 Community Services 16/04/2004 National Health & Medical BAILIE Ross S Fellowship Fellowship in Indigenous Environmental Health and Health 1/01/2004 $571,250 Research Council Services Research 31/12/2008 National Health & Medical CAIRNEY Sheree Training The development of culturally appropriate cognitive assessments with 1/07/2004 $259,000 Research Council Fellowship applications in substance abuse and mental health with Indigenous clients 30/06/2008 National Health & Medical CUNNINGHAM Joan; Capacity Building capacity in policy relevant, quantitative, social analysis 1/01/2004 $2,437,000 Research Council ANDERSON Ian; BAILIE Building and research in Indigenous health 31/12/2008 Ross; LEWIS Jennifer; BARNES Anthony National Health & Medical CUNNINGHAM Joan Career Develop- Social and system determinants of Indigenous health 1/01/2004 $467,500 Research Council ment Award 31/12/2008 National Health & Medical EADES, Sandra Training Utilisation of complex epidemiological studies and advanced 1/01/2004 $291,000 Research Council Fellowship statistical methods, to explore causal pathways to illness and 31/12/2007 health among Indigenous children and adolescents National Health & Medical GADIL Edna Scholarship Chronic suppurative otitis media in Aboriginal children: 1/01/2004 $58,978 Research Council Opportunities for improved health outcomes 31/12/2005 National Health & Medical LEACH Amanda J Career Develop- Reducing the burden of infectious disease in young Aboriginal 1/03/2004 $426,250 Research Council ment Award children: An evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach 28/02/2009 National Health & Medical LLOYD Jane Scholarship Designing and trialling health interventions with an urban 1/01/2004 $61,452 Research Council Indigenous population 31/12/2006 National Health & Medical MAPLE-BROWN Louise Scholarship Non-invasive assessment of vascular function in urban, rural and remote- 1/07/2003 $56,864 Research Council dwelling Indigenous Australians: Impact of diabetes and dyslipidaemia 30/06/2004 National Health & Medical NAGEL Tricia Scholarship Development of a relapse prevention protocol for Indigenous people 1/01/2004 $88,467 Research Council with chronic mental illness in remote communities 31/12/2006 National Health & Medical O'DEA Kerin; SNELLING Project A randomised trial of fish and fruit to improve survival of Aboriginal 1/01/2004 $487,500 Research Council Paul; CASS Alan people with end-stage renal disease 31/12/2006 National Health & Medical SMITH-VAUGHAN Training Applying molecular public health in Indigenous communities: 1/01/2004 $129,500 Research Council Heidi C Fellowship Linking research to outcomes 31/12/2007 National Health & Medical WALTON Shelley; Project Investigating the molecular basis of emerging drug resistance in 1/01/2004 $506,625 Research Council McCARTHY James; CURRIE scabies mites 31/12/2006 Bart; HOLT Deborah National Health & Medical WALTON Shelley; Project Characterisation of immune responses to Sarcoptes scabiei cysteine 1/01/2004 $465,750 Research Council OHEHIR Robyn; KEMP proteases, group 1 allergen homologues, in scabies 31/12/2006 David; CURRIE Bart; ROLLAND Jennifer National Health & Medical ANSTEY Nicholas M; Collaborative Research and training to reduce morbidity and mortality from 1/01/2004 $1,649,830 Research Council TJITRA Emiliana; PRICE Research malaria in Papua (Indonesia) and Papua New Guinea 31/12/2008 & Ric; HARIJANTO Paul; Wellcome Trust SLY Peter; KEVAU Isi $1,502,089 National Heart Foundation McDONALD Malcolm; Project Towards a new prevention strategy for rheumatic fever: The role of 1/01/2004 $100,000 CARAPETIS, Jonathon; streptococcal skin infection in the pathogenesis of rheumatic 31/12/2005 BENGER Norma; heart disease CURRIE Bart National Heart Foundation BROWN Alex Scholarship Men, hearts and minds: Exploring the links between psychosocial stress, 1/01/2004 $60,609 depression and coronary heart disease in Indigenous men from Central Australia 31/12/2005 The Clive and Vera CUNNINGHAM Joan Equipment DRUID equipment package 1/01/2004 $22,822 Ramaciotti Foundations 31/12/2004