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Debates Day 6 - Thursday 19 October 2017



Debates Day 6 - Thursday 19 October 2017

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DEBATES Thursday 19 October 2017 2702 the remediation of legacy mines, with a focus on them being safe, having minimal environmental impact and the potential to provide economic benefits. As the Chief Minister said, the Northern Territory Major Projects Conference is taking place at the Waterfront. The Chief Minister gave a fantastic speech to open the conference yesterday. I was there this morning, talking about resources, primary industries and our major projects. I stressed that we have all the minerals and resources people want. We need to reduce some of the green tape, streamline some of those processes through the approval processes Ms UIBO: A point of order, Mr Deputy Speaker! I request an extension of time for the member, pursuant to Standing Order 43. Motion agreed to. Mr VOWLES: I was talking about streamlining the approval processes. What I want to see is we have 16, 17, 18 major projects. I want to be opening new mines, not just havingas the Chief Minister said the day beforemore major projects on the list. I want major projects off that list, going into production and creating jobs for Territoriansand to get new major projects on there. As a government, we have to facilitate that while looking after the regulatory frameworks and regimes, and sticking to the processes. Since we are competing in a global investment market we need to make sure we have the investment dollars coming into the Northern Territory from across the world and from within the Northern Territory. It is significant in final investment decisions for companies and investors in the Northern Territory. If we continue to put roadblocks in front of them they will go elsewhere. It is as simple as that. If they go elsewhere it means less revenue and fewer opportunities for Territoriansfewer jobs and more people leaving the Territory to go to other projects. We will see those companies going elsewhere, which we do not want. Any reduction in GST will seriously impact our ability to properly resource our important industry and development activities. The Territory investment and resource industry in my portfolio has a huge multiplier effect for our economy. I cannot go past fishing. It seems to me my colleagues are a little jealous. Every week I seem to be releasing something joyful and fantastic, rolling out great news on fishing infrastructure and feasibility studies on boat ramps. We have opened the $2.3m Shady Camp boat ramp; the Dundee Beach boat ramp, including completing the upgrades to the car park and putting up lights in the boat preparation area; sealed Middle Arm car park; put CCTV at Dinah Beach and have nearly completed the toilet block there. We are rolling out feasibility studies on Howard River, King Ash Bay and a few others. We are doing what we committed to do for Territorians. We made a $50m infrastructure commitment to recreational fishing in the Northern Territory. We are rolling that out bit by bit. We are consulting, talking to the right people and getting great advice. I also want to mention the other side of fishing, which I will be mentioning a lot more. That is the commercial fishing industry, which is a huge contributor to the economy, with our local produce coming to market, going down south and across the world, as we see with Humpty Doo barra. I am very proud of the work we are doing and the recreational fishing relationships we have with Daniel and Katherine at the NT Seafood Council, the Guided Fishing people. All these industries will suffer to some effect if we have this enormous drop in GST revenue and are not treated equally. It will have an impact. If you do not think the whole industryevery business and every Territorianwill be impacted then I say, get your head out the sand, because this is a real issue for Territorians. It is a real issue for us and that is what we are trying to doour job. This will have a devastating impact on the Territory budget and our ability to meet the needs of Territorians. We must make sure we look after Territorians no matter where they are in the Territory. They expect, as they should, the same service wherever they are.