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Budget Paper No.2 Fiscal and Economic Outlook 2008-2009



Budget Paper No.2 Fiscal and Economic Outlook 2008-2009

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2008-09 Budget 26 Fiscal Position and Outlook The resulting contingent liabilities are considered low risk as board members are professionals selected on the basis of their expertise and knowledge. Further, the indemnities are restricted to good faith actions only. Indemnities are granted to the Commonwealth and other entities involved in funding or sponsoring activities and programs initiated or undertaken by the Territory. Under the indemnities, the Government generally accepts liability for damage or losses occurring as a result of the activities or programs and acknowledges that, while the Commonwealth or another party has contributed financially or provided in-kind support, the Territory is ultimately liable for the consequences of the activity or program. Although the resulting contingent liability may not always be low risk, depending on the activity undertaken, the Territorys financial exposure is no greater than would have been the case without funding or sponsorship assistance. The Government has indemnified private sector insurers providing workers compensation insurance in the Territory. The indemnity covers insurers for losses which may arise as a result of acts of terrorism. It is considered unlikely that the indemnity will be called, notwithstanding that the consequence in terms of financial exposure, should the indemnity be called, is potentially significant. The Territory Government generally self insures its insurable risk. The size of the Government budget, coupled with the spread of risk, the small size and high degree of centralisation of Government activities, have been considerations in determining that self insurance is appropriate. Governments primary exposure is to natural disaster risks that are outside Government control, for example, cyclones. In previous years, where catastrophic natural disasters result in major loss, the Commonwealth provided assistance, even beyond the terms of the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements. The Territorys financial management framework is underpinned by centralised banking arrangements. The sole provider of banking-related services has been granted indemnities under the whole of government banking contract. These indemnities are considered not to involve significant risk. Agreements for leases or licences of property, plant or equipment generally contain standard indemnity provisions covering the lessor or licensor for any losses suffered as a result of the lease or licence arrangement. These indemnities are considered not to involve significant risk. There are risks in relation to the Darwin Waterfront project that may result in payments being made by the Territory. These risks relate to discriminatory changes in law, native title and environmental clean-up costs. The amount of these risks is unable to be estimated accurately, but provision has been made in the forward estimates for environmental clean-up costs and it is within the Territorys discretion whether to make a discriminatory change in law. Negotiations not yet finalised have the capacity to materially affect the updated financial projections and have the potential to affect revenues and expenses, as well as the Balance Sheet. Like negotiations not yet finalised, the outcome of legal proceedings brought by and against the Government also have the potential to affect actual Budget outcomes in current and future years. Finance Property and Business Services Negotiations Not Yet Finalised Legal Proceedings