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Information Booklet Research Development and extension undertaken in Plant based Industries in the NT from 1997 to 2007



Information Booklet Research Development and extension undertaken in Plant based Industries in the NT from 1997 to 2007

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Topic Crop Year Description Location Objective Reference Source V Ornamentals 2006-07 New and improved ornamental crops Darwin Enhance the market opportunities of the NT ornamental industry by providing new and unique cut flowers and ornamental plants. TB325 - pg205-212 TB327 - pg48 PD Ornamentals - Cut-flowers 1999-00 Developing plant disease management systems - heliconias and related species Darwin Develop a management system for disease of Heliconias and related species with initial emphasis on Fusariumn wilt. TB286 - pg224 PH Ornamentals - Cut-flowers 1997-98 Effect of benzyladenine pulsing treatment on vase-life of H. Psittacorum Darwin Evaluate the use of a post-harvest pulsing dip in BA (benzyladenine) on the vase-life of selected H. psittacorum cultivars. TB273 - pg71 PH Ornamentals - Cut-flowers 1998-99 Effect of vase solution additives on the vase-life of tropical cut- flowers Darwin Examine whether Benzyl adenine (BA) will increase the vase-life of H. psittacorum. TB278 - pg151-152 V Ornamentals - Cut-flowers 1997-98 Evaluation of native species endemic to Central Australia Central Australia Identify potential native species as cut-flowers. TB273 - pg71 EX Ornamentals - Cut-flowers 1998-99 Federation flower Darwin The cut-flower growers group and the Federation Flower Committee chose the Alpinia purpurata from Darwin Collection as the flower for the Celebration of Federation. TB278 - pg152 V Ornamentals - Cut-flowers 1998-00 Heliconia cultivar improvement Darwin Twenty five new Heliconia accessions were introduced for evaluation. TB278 - pg150 TB286 - pg185 V Ornamentals - Cut-flowers 1997-98 Improving dendrobium orchid productivity CPHRF Identify major concerns of the local industry in relation to orchid production. TB273 - pg68 PD Ornamentals - Cut-flowers 1997-00 Improving heliconia productivity CPHRF Initial investigations in Fusarium wilt is being investigated and tissue culturing has commenced. TB273 - pg68 TB278 - pg150 TB286 - pg185 M Ornamentals - Cut-flowers 1997-99 Management system for heliconia wilt Darwin A pilot trial to test the efficacy of hot water treatment of heliconia rhizomes for control of Fusarium wilt. TB273 - pg230-231 TB278 - pg181-182 V Ornamentals - Cut-flowers 1997-00 Ornamental ginger breeding CPHRF Promising hybrids selected from the trial will be evaluated on commercial growers properties. TB273 - pg68-69 TB278 - pg150 TB286 - pg186 PH Ornamentals - Cut-flowers 1999-00 Temperature logging of cut- flowers during transport and handling. Darwin Investigate the temperatures that cut-flowers are exposed to during handling. TB286 - pg182 PH Ornamentals - Cut-flowers 1999-00 The effect of low temperatures on the vase life of Heliconia psittacorums. Darwin Determine optimum storage temperature for two H. psittacorum cultivars. TB286 - pg182-184 Northern Territory Government, 2007 Page 26 of 37 Topic Crop Year Description Location Objective Reference Source PH Fruit - Mango 2001-02 Mango sea-freight trial Darwin Extend the shelf life of mangoes and maintain the quality through the use of a controlled modified atmosphere system during the transportation phase of the export process. TB304 - pg159-161 M Fruit - Mango 2001-06 Mango crop forecasting evaluation 2001 Darwin Develop a crop forecasting system for the Australian mango industry. TB304 pg161-164 TB313 - pg144-146 TB319 - pg338-339 TB323 - pg269-270 TB325 - pg240-141 M Fruit - Mango 2002-03 Collaborative research project with the University of Florida Darwin Characterise the floral stimulus in mango TB313 - pg152-159 PH Fruit - Mango 2003-04 Endorsed wholesaler program/quality outturn reporting service Darwin Assist mango industry to take on more of an administrative support service role for industry projects. Assist industry to better deal with disputes between growers/packers and wholesalers. TB319 - pg245 PH Fruit - Mango 2003-05 Mango sea-freight trial in Katherine Katherine Identify issues that affect long-term storage of Katherine mangoes and assist Katherine growers to export mangoes to Europe by sea using modified atmosphere containers. TB319 - pg340-341 TB323 - pg217-218 EX Fruit - Mango 2003-05 Mango supply chain code of practice Darwin Assist NTMIA with the development of a mango industry code of practice document that addressed commercial relationships between supply chain members and best practice handling. TB319 - pg243-244 TB323- pg214 EX Fruit - Mango 2004-04 Mango skills audit survey 2004 Darwin Assist the NTMIA to identify the training needs of growers through a survey and audit of skills and knowledge. Approximately 30% of members responded to the survey. TB323 - pg216 V Fruit - Mango 2004-05 Improved mango varieties for the NT Katherine Test the field mango varieties developed and identified in previous breeding work. TB323 - pg222-223 EX Fruit - Mango 2004-05 Mango Labour Harvest Strategy Darwin/ Katherine Facilitate the development of self-directed industry/ stakeholder groups to address mango harvest labour issues. TB323 - pg215 Northern Territory Government, 2007 Page 15 of 37