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Information Booklet Research Development and extension undertaken in Plant based Industries in the NT from 1997 to 2007



Information Booklet Research Development and extension undertaken in Plant based Industries in the NT from 1997 to 2007

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Topic Crop Year Description Location Objective ReferenceSource EX Fruit - Mango 2004-05 NTMIA communications project Darwin Assist NTMIA to develop a communications plan to inform members, government and stakeholders about its business and to promote to non-members the benefits of joining. TB323 - pg215-216 N Fruit - Mango 2004-06 Evaluating the use of the SPAD- 502 meter to measure nitrogen levels in mango trees Katherine Calibrate relationship between leaf nitrogen content & SPAD values. Observe leaf content trends during the growing season. Monitor leaf levels to assist in adequate fertiliser application. Optimise overall tree health & increase long-term cumulative fruit yield. TB323 - pg248-252 T B 325 -pg213-226 PD Fruit - Mango 2004-06 Management system for diseases of mangoes - post-harvest storage diseases Katherine Assess post-harvest quality of sea-freighted mangoes. Determine the causal organisms associated with sea-freighted mangoes from Katherine and Kununurra. Determine the effects of time on the prevalence of causal organisms on diseased mangoes. TB323 - pg174-176 TB325 - pg133-137 M Fruit - Mango 2004-06 The effect of calcium hydroxide, Surround, Mangocote and Envy on the incidence and severity of sunburn in KP mangoes in Katherine Katherine Evaluate the effectiveness of sprayed films of calcium hydroxide, Surround, Mangocote and Envy to protect mangoes from sunburn. TB323 - pg252-255 TB325 - pg238-240 PH Fruit - Mango 2005-06 Improving market outcomes for NT mangoes Darwin Improve the quality of fruit received in the packing facility so as to maximise its attractiveness in southern markets. TB325 - pg191-192 PD Fruit - Mango 2005-06 Integrated pest management in mangoes Darwi n/ Katherine Provide an extension and pest identification service to mango growers. TB325 - pg94-99 V Fruit - Mango 2005-06 Mango rootstock and parent tree assessment in the NT Katherine Test various rootstocks and parent trees for total yield, marketable, unmarketable and fallen fruit. TB 325-pg199-201 M Fruit - Mango 2005-07 Develop crop forecasting system for the Australian mango industry Darwin Develop a crop forecasting systems for the Australian Mango Industry TB325 - pg240-241 TB327 - pg62 PH Fruit - Mango 2005-07 Implementing a Top End better mangoes project Darwin Top End better mangoes project aims to use some of the techniques developed in Queensland to map the performance of current supply chains. It also aims to establish the SLI for Top End fruit and use this as the benchmark to evaluate other systems. T B 325 -pg 190-191 TB327 - pg64 EX Fruit - Mango 2006-07 Delivering Mango Technology (Deliverance) Darwin/ Katherine Increase the adoption of existing and new production technology by mango growers and packers, and improve the profitability of the mango industry. Northern Territory Government, 2007 Page 16 of 37 * Topic Crop Year Description Location Objective Reference Source V Vegetable - Snake Bean 2000-01 Development of vegetable production systems - snake bean variety evaluation 2000 CPHRF Bulk up seed for future testing for Fusarium - conduct preliminary assessment of agronomic characteristics using the variety Green pod Kaohsiung as a standard. TB295 - pg107-110 PD Vegetable - Snake Bean 2000-01 Snake bean fusarium survey Darwin Determine the spread of Fusarium on snake beans in the Darwin region. TB295 - pg104-105 V Vegetable - Sweet Potato 2003-04 Sweet potato variety trial 2003 CPHRF Determine the potential yield and root quality of untrialled varieties in the Top End. Compare the performance of these varieties with current recommendations and demonstrate cultural practices to potential growers. TB319- 297-300 V Vegetable - Taro 2001-02 Japanese Taro observation trial 2002 CPHRF Compile basic yield and quality data under local conditions and compare yields of different sized corms. TB304 - pg233-235 N Vegetable - Taro 2004-05 Taro fertiliser rate trial 2004 Darwin Establish fertiliser response trend for Bun Long taro under local dry season conditions. TB323 - pg244-248 M Vegetable - Tomato 2005-06 Management systems for diseases of vegetables - tomatoes Darwin Develop a management system for diseases of tomatoes. TB325 - pg121 V Ornamentals 1998-00 Cut-Flower Product Diversity Darwin Assess new cultivars and species of the genera Curcuma and Globba. TB278 - pg151 TB286 - pg186 V Ornamentals 1997-98 Nursery and cut-flower product diversity Darwin Evaluate the suitability of hybrid seedlings for the nursery industry. TB273 - pg69 EX Ornamentals 1998-00 Nursery and flower industry promotion Darwin Assistance provided to NIANT for forth coming conference. TB278 - pg152 TB286 - pg17 V Ornamentals 2002-03 Commercialising New Ornamentals Darwin Assist ornamental industry to identify and to commence commercialising five new nursery lines and three improved cut-flower products by 2004. TB313 - pg224 M Ornamentals 2002-03 Curcuma Crop Development and Improvement Darwin Provide local ornamental industry with new and unique Curcuma hybrid varieties for cut-flower and potted colour. TB 313-pg211-218 PD Ornamentals 2002-06 Pest management in ornamentals NT wide Advise on the management of pests of ornamentals and conduct research on key pests. TB313 pg267 TB319 pg221 T B 323 -pg 163-164 TB325 - pq98-99 Northern Territory Government, 2007 Page 25 of 37