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Information Booklet Research Development and extension undertaken in Plant based Industries in the NT from 1997 to 2007



Information Booklet Research Development and extension undertaken in Plant based Industries in the NT from 1997 to 2007

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Research, Development and Extension undertaken on Crops, Forestry and Horticulture in the NT 1997-2007 Topic Crop Year Description Location Objective Reference Source V Fruit - Annonaceae 1997-99 Management techniques for Annonaceae species Katherine Custard apple research. TB273 - pg39-40 V Fruit - Banana 1997-99 Banana cultivar evaluation Katherine A a database on the performance of different banana cultivars and identify cultivars suited to the climatic conditions of the Katherine region. TB273 - pg32-33 TB278 - pg122 EX Fruit - Banana 1997-98 Banana extension and industry support Darwin DPIF technology transfer project for the banana industry. TB273 - pg36 E Fruit - Banana 1997-00 Banana nutrient monitoring CPHRF Facilitate ongoing banana group discussion using the foundation of nutrient monitoring and comparison as the basis for discussion. TB273 - pg33-34 TB278 - pg122-123 TB286 - pg148 M Fruit - Banana 1997-99 Banana nurse-sucker selection experiment Katherine Implement nursery management as a tool to influence bunch production and to attempt to produce bunches through the Dry season months and thus have a continuous supply through the year. TB273 - pg34-36 TB278 - pg123 PD Fruit - Banana 1997-02 Survey for banana sigatoka and fusarium wilt (Panama disease) CPHRF/ Darwin/ Katherine Survey fusarium wilt in commercial banana plantations. TB273 - pg228-229 T B 278-pg 179-180 TB 286-pg221-222 TB295 - pg193 TB304 - pg259-260 V Fruit - Banana 2001-02 Testing of Banana germplasm for resistance to fusarium wilt tropical race 4 CPHRF Identify banana varieties with resistance/tolerance to tropical race 4 Fusarium wilt. TB304 - pg257-258 PD Fruit - Banana 2002-03 2004-07 Surveillance of banana leaf spot diseases Darwin Survey banana plants and collect samples of leaf spot diseases for laboratory identification to ensure freedom from Black Sigatoka. TB313 - pg274 T B 323-pg 186-187 TB325 - pg133 Northern Territory Government, 2007 Page 6 of 37 I t Topic Crop Year Description Location Objective Reference Source M Field Crops - Weeds 2000-01 Identification of weed species development under pivot irrigation system Katherine/ Douglas Daly Determine the weed species which pose a threat to intensive crop production. Develop an integrated weed management package for their control. TB295 - pg22-25 M Field Crops - Weeds 2000-01 Systems research Douglas Daly Trial and monitor and record the short and long-term effectiveness of weed control methods in pastures using herbicide rolling and slashing techniques. TB295 - pg46-48 PD Field Crops - Weeds 2001-07 Broadleaf weed control in grass pastures Douglas Daly Determine the optimum herbicide or herbicide combination for effective broadleaf control in newly sown and established perennial grass pastures and provide a basis for herbicide recommendations to farmers. TB304 - pg25-27 TB319 - pg77-80 TB325 - pg259-261 TB327 - pg68 E Field Crops - Weeds 2002-04 Predicted environmental weed risk of exotic grasses in Northern Australia Darwin A database of over 200 exotic grass accessions in northern Australia has been compiled. TB313 - pg9 TB319 - pg28-29 M Field Crops - Weeds 2002-04 Weed control using herbicide wipes Douglas Daly Trial, monitor and record the short and long-term effectiveness of weed control methods in pastures and fodder crops using herbicide wipers. TB313 - pg51-52 TB319 - pg14-15 M Field Crops - Weeds 2002-04 Weed management in Cavalcade production systems Darwin Evaluate integrated weed management strategies in a Cavalcade production system. TB313 - pg28-34 TB319 - pg67-70 PD Field Crops - Weeds 2003-04 Pre-wet season herbicide application in cavalcade Douglas Daly Determine the suitability of pre-wet application of Spinnaker or Flame for weed management of self-sown Cavalcade. TB319 - pg71-73 PD Field Crops - Weeds 2005-06 Sucker control in newly-sown Jarra Grass pasture Douglas Daly Determine if there is a cost-effective chemical option for control of sucker regrowth prior to the establishment of improved pasture. TB325- pg262-263 PD Field Crops - Weed 1997-00 Chemical control of Kent Gamba Grass Darwin Velpar was found to be the most effective control of gamba grass. TB273 - pg157-159 TB286 - pg4-5 V Forestry 1998-00 Top End regional tropical hardwood forestry CPHRF/ Katherine/ Douglas Daly Species evaluation trials on various sites which address a number of criteria to meet industry requirements for both short and long rotation crops. TB278 - pg14-15 TB286 pg12-13 Northern Territory Government, 2007 Page 35 of 37