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Information Booklet Research Development and extension undertaken in Plant based Industries in the NT from 1997 to 2007



Information Booklet Research Development and extension undertaken in Plant based Industries in the NT from 1997 to 2007

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Topic Crop Year Description Location Objective ReferenceSource V Field Crops - Soy Bean 1999-00 Preliminary soybean evaluation Douglas Daly / Darwin Assess the potential of new soybean varieties for Top End farming systems, compare them to existing lines and assess the potential of soybeans on the sandy textured soils of the Daly Basin. TB286 - pg52-54 M Field Crops - Soybean 2006-07 Weed control in soybean Katherine Evaluate herbicides for weed control in Wet season soybean production and compare oil yields between soybean and sunflower. TB327 - pg34 PD Field Crops - Weeds 1999-00 Grass establishment in conjunction with herbicide control of weeds Darwin To cost-effectively control weeds and establish sown grass pastures on floodplain fringe country in the Top End. TB286 - pg30-31 M Field Crops - Weeds 1999-00 Weed study of dryland and irrigated crops and pastures for the Top End Katherine/ Douglas Daly Trace and determine the weeds that may be a potential threat to dryland and irrigated crop[ production. Develop an integrated weed management package for both dryland and irrigation in the Top End, which is sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically viable. TB286 - pg27-29 PD Field Crops - Weeds 1997-98 2003-04 Herbicides for use on Cavalcade Darwin Identify suitable herbicides for use in Cavalcade and assess their effect on weeds. TB273 - pg171-173 TB319 - pg74-76 M Field Crops - Weeds 1997-04 Weed management strategy demonstration site Douglas Daly Demonstrate a best bet pasture rehabilitation/weed management strategy on a severely weed infested Cavalcade paddock. TB273 - pg176-177 TB278 - pg29-30 TB286 - pg41-42 TB304 - pg51-53 TB319 - pg76-77 M Field Crops - Weeds 1998-02 Gamba grass mapping Darwin/ Katherine Map the results of gamba grass surveys undertaken by Weeds Branch, Agriculture Branch and Specialist Weed Control Pty Ltd. TB278 - pg9 TB286 - pg9 TB295 - pg9 TB304 - pg12 PD Field Crops - Weeds 1999-02 Weed control using herbicide rolling and slashing Douglas Daly Trial, monitor and record the short and long-term effectiveness of weed control methods in pastures using herbicide rolling and slashing techniques. TB286 - pg32 TB295 - pg44-45 TB304 - pg53-54 PD Field Crops - Weeds 2000-01 Evaluation of the herbicide metsulfuron methyl for the control of senna obtusifolia Darwin Test the suitability of Metsulfuron methyul for the control of Senna obtusifolia in a rangeland situation. TB295 - pg26-27 Northern Territory Government, 2007 Page 34 of 37 Topic Crop Year Description Location Objective ReferenceSource PD Fruit - Banana 1999-07 Banana tropical race 4 panama disease Darwin Find and develop a commercially acceptable banana variety resistant or tolerant to Panama tropical race 4 for the NT banana industry. Develop field management methods to reduce the spread of the disease and to extend the commercial life of existing plantations in the NT. TB286 - pg221 TB286 - pg228 TB295 - pg139 TB295 - pg192-193 TB295 - pg197 T B 304-pg198-201 TB313 - pg162-165 TB313 - pg234-235 TB319 - pg195-197 TB319 - pg313-319 TB323 - pg180-181 TB323 - pg255-260 TB325 - pg125-128 TB325 - pg228-236 TB327 - pg7 PD Fruit - Banana 2006-07 Implementation of the Fusarium oxysporum F. sp. Cubense Tropical Race 4 molecular diagnostic test CPHRF Implement a molecular diagnostic test to detect Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Cubense Tropical Race 4. TB327 - pg47 E Fruit - Carambola 1998-99 Carambola fruit deformity - nutritional and pollination problems CPHRF Identify fruit deformity and pollination problems. TB278 - pg126-127 M Fruit - Carambola 1997-99 Trellised versus single tree carambola CPHRF Compare carambola trees which have been trellised with single trees. TB273 - pg41 TB278 - pg128 V Fruit - Cashew 1998-99 Cashew selection and evaluation Katherine 800 trees of 450 different cashew hybrids were planted at King Producers Venn Block - 1 of these hybrids showed potential for commercial production. TB278 - pg142 M Fruit - Cashew 1997-99 Management techniques for cashew Katherine Two cashew selections, one from Venn Block and one from CPHRF were outstanding. TB273 - pg58 TB278 - pg142 V Fruit - Citrus 1997-99 Breeding/selection of citrus cultivars Katherine Research work to date has demonstrated that much of the citrus germplasm currently in Australia is of limited commercial value under the hot dry conditions of the Katherine region. TB273 - pg52-53 TB278 - pg137 V Fruit - Citrus 1997-99 Citrus rootstock/cultivar evaluation Katherine Early cultivar assessments of mandarin production in Katherine were not encouraging due to poor flowering. TB273 - pg52 TB278 - pg136 Northern Territory Government, 2007 Page 7 of 37