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Regulations 2007 No.11 of 2007 Victims of Crime Assistance Regulations



Regulations 2007 No.11 of 2007 Victims of Crime Assistance Regulations

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Victims of Crime Assistance Regulations 4. Violent acts - sexual offences For section 5(1 )(a) of the Act, a criminal act that constitutes, or under section 5(2)(b) of the Act would otherwise constitute, an offence mentioned in Schedule 1, Part 1, 2 or 3, is a violent act. Notes 1. Under section 5(l)(b) of the Act, other criminal acts are also violent acts. 2. Under section 7(1) o f the Act, a violent act prescribed under this regulation is a compensable violent act. 5. Domestic violence injuries (1) A victim suffers domestic violence injuries if: (a) the victim suffers 1 or more injuries as a direct result of: (i) a violent act involving a pattern of abuse, committed by an offender with whom the victim is in a domestic relationship; or (ii) a violent act of unlawful stalking under section 189 of the Criminal Code in contravention, or apparent contravention, of a restraining order; or (iii) a combination of violent acts mentioned in subparagraphs (i) and (ii) if committed by the same offender; and (b) the injuries are more than transient or trifling, though they need not be serious. (2) In this section: "domestic relationship", see section 3(2) of the Domestic Violence Act; "restraining order", see section 3(1) of the Domestic Violence Act. 6. Pattern of abuse A violent act involves a pattern of abuse if: (a) the violent act is a series of 3 or more related criminal acts that occur over a period of time; and (b) the acts are committed against the same victim by the same offender. Note See section 5 of the Act for general information about related criminal acts. 3