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Explanatory Statement Transport Legislation (Road Safety) Amendment Bill 2007 (Serial 98)



Explanatory Statement Transport Legislation (Road Safety) Amendment Bill 2007 (Serial 98)

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(B) 6 months for a subsequent offence within 3 years. If a licence is cancelled as a result of this section, the court will ensure the Registrar is notified of the cancellation. Clause 22. Repeal and substitution of section 42 Section 23 is repealed and substituted with a new section which sets out that if a provisional driver is found guilty of an offence against the Traffic Act, the persons licence is to be provisional for a longer period as the court considers appropriate. Any period imposed by a court pursuant to this section, is in addition to the provisional period determined or extended pursuant to section 10A. Clause 23. Repeal and substitution of section 44 Section 44 is repealed and substituted with a new section which sets out how the Police Commissioner approves traffic infringement detection devices (HDDs) for use. This is done by notice in the Gazette which must specify the testing regime and can impose conditions on the approval and the Commissioner can approve persons qualified to test accuracy of TIDDs by notice in the Gazette. TIDDs must not be used if they have not been tested in accordance with this section. Section 44AA is also inserted. This sets out the requirements which must be satisfied before the Commissioner can approve a TIDD for use. TIDDs must produce an electronic or photographic image which shows the vehicle and its number plate. The TIDD must also record identifying information in relation to the device, location, date and time. Other information can be prescribed. In addition, when the offence recorded is a speeding offence, the TIDD must record information as to the speed limit at the location and the speed the vehicle was traveling at the time. For red light offences, the TIDD must record the number of seconds between the time the light turned red and the time the driver proceeded past the line. The information recorded by the TIDD must be held in an electronic file in unalterable format and it must be transferable to a printed form.