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Explanatory Statement Professional Standards Amendment (Mutual Recognition) Bill 2007 (Serial 125)



Explanatory Statement Professional Standards Amendment (Mutual Recognition) Bill 2007 (Serial 125)

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2 Clause 4: inserts into section 4(1) of the Principal Act new definitions for another jurisdiction, appropriate Council, corresponding law, interstate scheme and this jurisdiction; and amends the existing definition of scheme to include an interstate scheme. Clause 5. Amendment of section 7 (Preparation and approval of schemes) Section 7 of the Principal Act provides that an occupational liability scheme (a scheme) may be prepared by an occupational association or by the Professional Standards Council (the Council). A scheme must then be approved by the Council. Clause 5 inserts a new section 7(4) so as to provide that a scheme may indicate an intention to operate as a scheme of the Northern Territory only, or as a scheme of both the Northern Territory and another jurisdiction. Clause 6. Amendment of section 8 (Public notification of schemes) Section 8 of the Principal Act provides that, before it is approved, a scheme must be publicised by means of a notice in the daily newspaper circulating throughout the Northern Territory. Clause 6 inserts a new section 8(2) so as to require a scheme that is to operate as a scheme of some other jurisdiction to be further publicised in accordance with the requirements of the corresponding law of that other jurisdiction. Clause 7. Amendment of section 10 (Consideration of comments, submissions and other matters) Section 10 of the Principal Act requires the Council to take certain matters into consideration before approving a scheme. Clause 7 inserts a new section 10(2) so as to provide that, in the case of a scheme that is intended to operate as a scheme of another jurisdiction, the Council must also consider those matters that the appropriate Council for the other jurisdiction would have to consider and must consider all matters in the context of each of the jurisdictions concerned. Clause 8. Amendment of section 12 (Submission of schemes to Minister)