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Annual Report 2005-2006 Professional Standards Council Northern Territory



Annual Report 2005-2006 Professional Standards Council Northern Territory

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Measurable achievements Review of Councils decision making processes Prior to the commencement of the legislation in the Northern Territory, in August and September 2005, the NSW and Victorian Attorneys-General and the Commonwealth Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer requested the Councils to undertake a review of their decision-making processes to ensure robust and transparent procedures are in place for approving and monitoring schemes. As part of this review, a major review of the application process was undertaken. Draft application guidelines were released for public comment in December 2005 and stakeholders were consulted in the final formulation of the guidelines. A forum with current and potential scheme administrators was held in February 2006 to clarify issues raised by stakeholders. The guidelines have been designed to ensure that occupational associations are given as much guidance as possible in completing their applications, assisting them to provide all the necessary material in a clear and accessible format. The format of the guidelines, which closely follows the structure of the governing legislation, will also allow the Council to efficiently fulfil its statutory obligations when determining the limits on liability and when considering whether to approve a scheme. Guidelines have been developed for each jurisdiction, but each highlights the legislative differences between jurisdictions to assist associations in the efficient preparation of applications to all eight Councils if they wish. Guidelines for the Northern Territory Council were adopted in April 2006. The guidelines are publicly available on the Councils website, http://www.lawlink.nsw.gov.au/psc. A major review of the Councils annual reporting requirements is also underway. Draft annual reporting guidelines were released for public comment in December 2005, and a forum for current and potential scheme administrators was held in May 2006. The guidelines are currently being finalised. Self-funding Councils The Council has contributed to ensuring that it is self-funding under national arrangements by recommending an appropriate fee structure to the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG). It is anticipated that this fee structure will be implemented in the Northern Territory during 2006/2007. Legislative amendments The Council is not a policy making body for the national scheme. That role is the responsibility of SCAG as advised by a Territory, State and 7 http://www.lawlink.nsw.gov.au/psc