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Northern Territory Code of Conduct for Ministers and Members proposed by the Country Liberal Party August 2006



Northern Territory Code of Conduct for Ministers and Members proposed by the Country Liberal Party August 2006

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Country Liberal Party Proposed Northern Territory Ministers and Members Code of Conduct 6.12 Travel, Accommodation and Hospitality It is accepted that Ministers and Members will be invited to a range of functions in their official capacity and that such invitations may extend to spouses, partners and family members. Acceptance of honorary membership of clubs and acceptance of Patronage should be included on the Ministers and Members Declaration of Interests. In deciding to accept such benefits a Minister or Member will satisfy himself or herself that independence will not be or appear to be compromised in any way and the Minister or Member will bear personal responsibility for the decision taken. When accepting offers of Patronage, Ministers and Members should advise organisations that acceptance of Patronage will not influence Government decisions in relation to provision of funds to such organisations. Offers of hospitality, free air travel and/or accommodation by other Governments or private organisations may be accepted if the acceptance of such offers may bring benefits or advantages to the Northern Territory or, in the case of other Governments, is an act of goodwill which is likely to forge or cement good relationships between Governments if accepted or could create offence if refused. Such offers accepted must be declared. Ministers and Members must also comply with the relevant remuneration determination covering travel on official or Assembly business. 6.13 Post-Separation Employment Members and in particular Ministers should exercise care in taking up employment or business activities in the period immediately after leaving Government. Special care should be taken in acceptance of offers of employment from, or becoming engaged in the internal management of the affairs of, persons, companies or other bodies: which are in a contractual relationship with the NT Government; which are in receipt of subsidies or benefits from the Government not received by a section of the community at large; in which the Government is a shareholder; which are in receipt of Government loans, guarantees or other forms of capital assistance; or with which the departments or branches of Government are, as a matter of course, in a special relationship. Where a Minister receives an offer of employment and intends to leave the Government in order to take up the offer, the Minister should immediately disclose his or her acceptance of the offer to the Chief Minister, or in the case of the Chief Minister, to Cabinet. The Chief Minister or Cabinet where appropriate, has the discretion to alter Ministerial arrangements in light of any offer accepted. Page 11 of 12