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Northern Territory Code of Conduct for Ministers and Members proposed by the Country Liberal Party August 2006



Northern Territory Code of Conduct for Ministers and Members proposed by the Country Liberal Party August 2006

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Country Liberal Party Proposed Northern Territory Ministers and Members Code of Conduct Ministers and Members should ensure that their personal conduct does not adversely affect their ability or the ability of other Members of the Legislative Assembly or other public officials to perform their official duties, or adversely affect public confidence in the integrity of the system of government or public sector management. 4.3 Conduct as Employers Ministers and Members will observe the obligations of a good employer with respect to the terms and conditions of those who work for them. Ministers and Members are responsible for members of their ministerial and electorate staff and should ensure that their staff is aware of their ethical and other responsibilities, whether set in legislation, by determination, in an employment contract or in any other manner. Ministers must not appoint immediate family members and should not appoint close relatives to positions in their own offices or any other place of employment where the Ministers approval is required. 5. RESPECT FOR PERSONS Ministers and Members will treat other Members of the Legislative Assembly, members of the public and other officials honestly and fairly, with proper regard for their personal dignity, rights, entitlements, duties and obligations, and should at all times act responsively in the performance of their public duties. 5.1 Public References to Individuals In the discharge of his or her public duties, a Minister will not dishonestly or recklessly attack the reputation of any other person. Decisions about financial assistance by the Northern Territory will be made in accordance with the Government's Guidelines for the Provision of Assistance to Northern Territory Ministers and Members in Relation to Legal Proceedings. 5.2 Relations with the Public Service Ministers will assume that public servants will comply with the ethical requirements in the Public Sector Employment and Management Act and act in accordance with the Westminster convention of public service neutrality. Ministers will not ask public servants to engage in activities that are contrary to the principles and ethical obligations imposed on public servants by the Act or that may call into question their political impartiality. If a Minister or Member has reason to believe that a public servant has departed from these requirements, the Minister or Member will raise the matter with the relevant Chief Executive, or, in the case of a Chief Executive, with the Chief Executive of the Chief Ministers Department. Page 6 of 12