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Northern Territory Code of Conduct for Ministers and Members proposed by the Country Liberal Party August 2006



Northern Territory Code of Conduct for Ministers and Members proposed by the Country Liberal Party August 2006

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Tabled By Jodeen Carney


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Country Liberal Party Proposed Northern Territory Ministers and Members Code of Conduct advantage which is greater than that of any member of the public at large, or any section of the public. On resignation, retirement or dismissal, a Minister is to return any information (such as Government documents) and maintain the confidentiality of information acquired in office as if the Minister had remained in office. 6.8 Attractive and Portable Assets Ministers are provided with attractive and portable assets such as mobile phones, palm pilots, lap top computers etc. Ministers must ensure that these items are returned upon leaving office. These items each carry an asset number and are checked against the asset register upon return. 6.9 Cab Charge Cards Ministers are also provided with a Cab Charge Card and vouchers and should adhere to the guidelines as outlined in the Cab Charge pamphlet that is provided to all Ministers on the use of Cab Charge Cards. These cards should be used when on official Parliamentary business and where it is not practical for the Minister to use their Parliamentary vehicle. 6.10 Gifts and Benefits In no circumstances will Ministers or Members and their immediate family accept money by way of gift where the offer is in any way connected to the official position of the Minister or Member. 6.11 Acceptance of Gifts Ministers and Members and their immediate families may accept gifts from representatives of Governments either overseas or in Australia. Where the gifts have a retail value in Australia in excess of $200 the Minister will, as soon as is practicable, report the receipt of such benefits or gifts to the Chief Minister, or in the case of the Chief Minister to the Chief Executive, Department of Chief Minister who will arrange for such gifts to be registered and valued. The Chief Minister or, in the case of the Chief Minister, the Cabinet, will determine how these gifts should be dealt with. For example, they may be offered to a gallery or public institution or be permanently displayed in the Parliament or a Government office. Where the gift is an act of goodwill towards the people of the Northern Territory which it would be impolite to refuse, but the gift itself is deemed inappropriate for public display, the Chief Minister or Cabinet (as the case may be) may decide to allow the Minister or Member or member of his or her immediate family to retain the gift upon condition that any value of the gift in excess of $200 is paid into the Northern Territory Public Account. Page 10 of 12