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Debates Day 2 - Wednesday 17 May 1995



Debates Day 2 - Wednesday 17 May 1995

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Parliamentary Record 10


Debates for 7th Assembly 1994 - 1997; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 7th Assembly 1994 - 1997




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DEBATES - Wednesday 17 May 1995 Mr Ede: Is that all these people are to do? Mr MANZIE: I can assure him that the police have better things to do, but that is the approach taken by the Leader of the Opposition. The same goes for camping. I am sure that he would like to see the police administering the council by-laws that prohibit camping. That is not their role, but that is what he wants them to do. We should be clear about what he said. He said that this is not necessary and that the police should be put on the job because they can fix it. However, this requires an approach from many sectors of our community. The police are one sector, but there are many others. Nevertheless, this man tells us to forget all that and simply get the police out there. We have decriminalised drunkenness but he says that that does not matter and that the police can get out there and look after that. It is ridiculous! It demonstrates the extent to which he supports initiatives such as the Tangentyere Night Patrol or the Julalikari Council Night Patrol. He says that activity should be left to the police and no one else should be involved. He tells us to let the police do i t ... Mr Ede: Dont lie! Mr MANZIE: Dont try to withdraw your words. You said them. Mr Ede: I said the government should resource the night patrols. Mr MANZIE: You can be quiet and let someone else say something because you have been embarrassed. You have been shown up for the ignorant approach you have taken on this ... Mr Ede: It is your lies that have been shown up. Mr MANZIE: ... and your mate, the member for MacDonnell, was even worse. He said that it is a matter for the police. He does not believe that anyone but the police should be out cleaning up rubbish. He does not believe that anyone else but the police should be stopping the camping in the Todd River. He made stupid statements to the effect that we should bring the habitual provisions into operation, that we should get the dog act going. If he had paid attention to what happens in this Assembly, he would know that such legislation is in place. If he paid attention to what is going on in his community, he would realise that the Liquor Commission has designated people under the so-called dog act and that they have been prevented from drinking. However, the honourable member would rather not be aware of what is happening around him. He would rather bag a government initiative that might help to bring about some changes in our community. That is typical of the ALP and its members opposite. I believe that is one of the reasons why they are still in opposition and have been in opposition for longer than any other opposition in the history of Australia. Certainly, I support the ministers statement. The problem of antisocial behaviour has long been of concern to the government. As a Territorian of some 27 years standing, I have been concerned personally to see the level of antisocial behaviour escalate in recent years in many urban centres such as Darwin, Katherine, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs. I am appalled by the approaches of some people to that situation. 3234