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Debates Day 1 - Tuesday 23 May 1995



Debates Day 1 - Tuesday 23 May 1995

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Parliamentary Record 11


Debates for 7th Assembly 1994 - 1997; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 7th Assembly 1994 - 1997




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DEBATES - Tuesday 23 May 1995 plenty of land there. For quite a small investment, it could become a very good tourist attraction. I am aware that there are many enthusiasts in the Northern Territory who would make their vehicles available for exhibition purposes. That could make for a very interesting display. I hope the minister will pursue that proposal. Unfortunately, the minister did not say much about his ministerial responsibilities for tourism. He did not explain why there has been such a significant cut in relation to planning and development. Perhaps he will suggest that all the planning and development needed has been completed and therefore there is quite a significant reduction in that regard. There was a time when some major organisational planning and development was needed in view of some of the shemozzles of the past. I must say that they appear to be largely on track now. In recent years, some of the outcomes have been quite good. Not all are the making of the government but, to give credit where credit is due and considering some of the shemozzles of the past, things have been quite good. However, what I do find very hard to understand, and I think that the regional tourism associations may have some difficulty with it also, is why funds to them have not only not been increased in real terms, but have actually been cut. The amount of money going to the regional tourism associations has been reduced in terms of what it was estimated that they would receive last year to what they will receive this year. Mrs Padgham-Purich interjecting. Mr BAILEY: A real reduction of $25 000. I will pick up the interjection from the member for Nelson that they had been funded very generously. The 4 regional tourism associations that run the tourism outlets in Darwin, Katherine, Tennant Creek and Alice Springs provide a very good service to the tourists who arrive. They distribute the information where it is needed through the tourism operators in the area who spend much of their own time helping to promote tourism. The total amount in this budget for the regional tourism associations is $ 1,26m. Compare that to the budget for the Planning and Development Unit. Even though it lost $200 000, it is still to have $ 1.6m. In other words, the Planning and Development Unit is allocated more than all 4 regional tourism associations put together. At $1.8m, the executive is allocated more than all 4 regional tourism associations combined. National marketing has $ 11.5m. The regional tourism associations receive really quite a small proportion of the total budget funding, and this government has reduced even that amount. There is a real reduction of $25 000. Mr Coulter: Yes, that is a highly significant amount! Mr BAILEY: Those tourism associations have to contend with inflation and increased costs as they occur. The associations arc made up of the local tourism operators etc, people who are trying to make ends meet, trying to get a photocopier and trying to pay for all their ongoing costs. They are now being told that they will not receive even a percentage increase. They will not even remain in the same position, but will receive less real money than they got last year. Mr Coulter: There will be a reason for that. 3561