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Debates Day 2 - Wednesday 23 November 1994



Debates Day 2 - Wednesday 23 November 1994

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Parliamentary Record 6


Debates for 7th Assembly 1994 - 1997; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 7th Assembly 1994 - 1997




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DEBATES - Wednesday 23 November 1994 she described it. Let us be clear that hearing loss is not caused by Silver Bullets. Obviously, it may be more difficult for the child with hearing loss to learn in that situation, but we should understand that hearing loss often occurs as a result o f the lifestyle o f the people affected. During the festive season, some parents often attend functions and leave their children unsupervised at home. Although home alone may be a corny phrase, it has led to dangers in the past. The minister stated the number o f injuries caused within the home as a result o f simple accidents resulting in scalding etc. Many o f these accidents would have been avoidable if the parents had been more alert or had not left their children at home alone or unsupervised. In the coming festive season, parents should ensure that they know where their children are and that they are adequately supervised. If parents intend to go out, they should engage the services o f a babysitter and ensure that every precaution is taken. The minister mentioned government support to the Kidsafe program through the provision o f a staff member and the production o f material. It was a little unfortunate that the member for Barkly kept reiterating the need for more resources. We are all keenly aware that resources will not o f themselves improve the situation. Peoples attitudes need to be changed as well. The thrust o f the Kidsafe program is to ensure that the community and parents are alerted to matters o f child safety and know when and how to act. The minister also mentioned initiatives by Darwin City Council in relation to its parks and playgrounds. If honourable members have the opportunity, I urge them to visit the Frank McAllister Memorial Park in Araluen. It is the most popular park in Alice Springs and it is a credit to the Alice Springs Town Council which has done a great job in providing a very safe play and family oriented park. The council has taken all the steps that the minister indicated are necessary to provide safe playgrounds. The extent to which that park is used during the week by families, as well as at weekends, indicates clearly that it is a great place to be. I do not intend to speak any further about Kidsafe because the minister has covered the subject very well. As he says, the accident statistics are disturbing and we should be doing everything we can to reduce them. The use o f commonsense will eliminate the causes o f many o f them. If we are alert and aware o f the potential problem areas, we can do much to ensure that accidents do not occur in our homes. If we take all the precautions that we know we should, our homes should be much safer for children. We would like to think that we could reduce the incidence o f accidents involving children. Certainly, since this program began, there has been a much lower incidence o f child accidents in the home. It is very pleasing to note the ministers support for the Kidsafe program to ensure the well-being and safety o f our children. I hope that all other members support it also. Mrs PADGHAM-PURICH (Nelson): Mr Speaker, the statement that the minister presented this morning was what I call a nice statement. It did not say much, but his manner o f delivery and its contents made everybody feel nice about little children. Everybody likes well-behaved, clean, tidy and healthy little children. Thus, the minister may well have thought that his statement would not prove unduly contentious. However, whilst it was a nice statement, it did not really face the issue. I am surprised about that because, in my view, the Minister for Health and Community Services is a person who is 1807