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SUNDAY NOVEMBER 5 2017 FISHING & HUNTING FRONTIER 55 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA harbour and therefore we couldnt really target them, and then he caught two. Ive never caught a big jewie up a creek in the harbour but it does happen occasionally, and Ive heard them through the hull in the deep channel in Bleesers Creek. There are still a few mackerel about but the Norwester is starting up now and slowing down the bluewater fishos. Craigs Fishing Warehouses Craigs Grosvenor said there had been several 80cm and 90cm barra caught in Shoal Bay, mostly on Reidys Big 52s. They were getting them in the arvos and also some at night, he said. But they are getting them in the day as well. Ive been getting barra in the harbour on the neaps with little Flats Raps and Junior B52s, fishing in the morning. But we are getting some late storms now which dirties the water. Shady Camp has been going all right near the old timber boat, with a few fish at the mouth. The bluewater boys did all right, finding black marlin and sailfish for the comp. There have been some nice fish in Hardies Lagoon but it is getting very shallow there and you have to drag your boat over the rocky patch. Otherwise it is all about fishing the rocky headlands and flats for barra now. Shoal Bay and Gunn Point have going all right. There have also been plenty of jewfish reports, with some caught on vibes. Shoal Bay has produced some jewies on lures. The mouth of the Adelaide River is going OK too. Tackle Worlds Simon Bochow said the billfish competition saw quite a few sailfish and marlin caught, but a lot more raised and missed. They were mainly landing the 15kg to 20kg jobs, people are fishing too light to get the bigger fish, he said. But the barra fishing has been good, Shady Camp fished all right in the salt. Leaders Creek has had a lot of fish but has been quiet, there were fish caught in the recent TEBs round but going by the number of fish seen on sounders they should have been catching more. There were three or four big schools of barra at Leaders Creek, but they were quiet. People were getting smaller fish in the snags and bigger fish in the creek mouths but getting them to feed was hard. There was a 102cm barra caught and fish in the 90s, mainly in the Wilshire creeks, there were also a few caught out of Leaders at the mouth and at the first corner. Ive been at Leaders Creek when it goes off, once we landed one big fish out of 11 strikes. Lately they are just sitting on the bottom doing nothing, but they have to feed sooner or later. On one particular tide they will just go off. In the TEBs round there were few small goldies caught, and small jewies, on vibes. One bloke hooked a big jewie in The Narrows, troll the rocks for barra. The harbour is fishing OK a mate caught goldies, trout and tuskies, theres been a lot of tuskies about this year. Meanwhile, at www.fishingterritory.com, the FFF Seadogs brag mat competitions new round for November has kicked off. W HO didnt get a bag full last week on at least one day? With a three-bird limit it doesnt appear to be difficult. I listened to the shooting at Harrison Dam last Saturday and it was over almost before it should have begun. Something that seems to have slipped past the keeper this year is that the daily start time is not being varied as the season progresses and the days grow longer. It stands to reason that dawn comes earlier just as sunset becomes later. But not so with the times shooting is permitted. Shooting times are between 6am and 7pm in October; 6am and 7.15pm in November; 6am and 7.30pm in December. As you can see from the times declared, start times do not change from October to December but knock off time does. This is the first time I have seen this occur and Im baffled as to why. In the past shooting time has been allowed at 6am in October, 5.45am in November and December. These times are linked with civil twilight and reflect the lengthening of the days as we approach the summer solstice. Other states have allowed hunting from 30 minutes prior to sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset. That may not be applicable in the Top End due to the short twilight period. But a blanket 6am start time across the three months this season spans seems to be another backward step. I am bewildered why 5.45am wasnt chosen considering the season opened on October 27. From a minister who said it would be too hard to change the regulations and administration to allow a duck season to start separately from goose season, it seems someone had time to change the regulations on this one. This is just another change that was done without consultation or explanation. The rangers in Victoria are dynamite at enforcing the start times so be warned that this could be a good new NT revenue raiser and I suspect will be used to put hunters who havent noted the new times and get caught shooting early in a bad light, pardon the pun. This again could be a ploy by the Department of Environment to discredit hunting and therefore ban it in future. Remember governments banned duck hunting in Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland for no good reason other than too few of the locals bought a permit. If a government in the NT dissuades people from hunting with ridiculously low bag limits, short seasons or inappropriate times to hunt they may try to pull the same deal. Weekly wetlands rainfall report to Thursday 11am: Middle Point 40mm, Gunn Point 39mm, Shoal Bay 22mm, Howard Springs Nature Park 27mm and Lambells Lagoon 33mm. Watch this space next week for details of a great competition to win a Miroku MK70 12 gauge shotgun. Weekly Friday night practice continues at the NT Field and Game range, Mickett Creek Shooting Complex, Brandt Rd, Knuckey Lagoon. There are now two grounds with the token system in operation. The ranges will be open from 3pm on Fridays for those who plan ahead and pre purchase ammo and tokens. BART IRWIN Col Burdon of Reidys Lures and Jason Rogers with dolphin fish caught during last week's XXXX Gold Billfish Classic GOOSE HUNTING START TIMES DONT REFLECT REALITY FOR NT HUNTERS Join Field and Game, www.fga.net.au Join SSAA, www.ssaa.org.au Join Australian Deer Association www.austdeer.asn.au Like Field and Game NT on Facebook. Email: fnflodge1@bigpond.com I Need a HIRO Land-based sensei Hiroaki Nakamura shares his hard-won knowledge on catching the mighty barramundi without a boat THE wind failed for the first time in two weeks on October 31. I went fishing at Mindil Beach after work. There were a few drops of rain before that time. Barramundi doesnt like dirty water with the land water. So I tried to find some clean and murky water. I waded through the shallow water to a rocky spot. Luckily, I found a just right spot. The effectual response occurred as a result of my using Zerek Live Cherabin 100mm. I applied Squidgies S-Factor to Zerek Live Cherabin. I thought that barramundi are still moving about in search of jelly prawn. As a result, I caught and released two barramundi. It is a typical condition in which strong winds cause rough waves at my usual fishing locations in our rainy season. So barramundi fishermen should never miss catching the sea condition that the waves are relatively fewer than those wavy and windy days. Otherwise, you will lose the opportunity to fish barramundi by land based in our rainy season. Mindil Beach is conveniently close to the downtown. It requires a skill of lure fishing, and the degree of difficulty is very high. There are thousands of rocks covered with oysters in the shallow water. ESSENTIALS Zerek Live Cherabin Size: 100mm Where: Shallow water 30cm 50cm Water: Murky Outgoing Line: Fins 30lb Leader line: Black magic 40lb Knot: The Slim Beauty Reel: Shimano Scorpion 70XG Gear ratio 8.2:1 very fast Rod: Samaki Zing Xtreme SZX-661BM 66 Line: 8-14lb Cast: 1/4-5/8oz Action: Moderate Clip: Force ten Stainless Duo Lock Snaps #2 Action: Steady retrieving Check out Hiros blog: secretbarramundi.blogspot.com.au