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Annual Report 2010-2011 Northern Territory Electoral Commission



Annual Report 2010-2011 Northern Territory Electoral Commission

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8 Features of the NTEC program to June 2011 were: The provision of public awareness and enrolment campaigns at the NT show circuit early in the reporting year Election and enrolment awareness campaigns undertaken in support of on-going shire council byelections. This included the circulation of tailored public awareness materials, the notation of rolls by shire service centre staff and the collection of enrolments and other roll information at the close of rolls and at polling places A major enrolment stimulation and election awareness campaign including a household mail out prior to the division of Araluen and Palmerston City Council by-elections in 2010 and personalised mailing to electors in support of the Alice Springs and Katherine Town Council by-elections in February 2011 The maintenance of a fully staffed office in Alice Springs as a public shopfront for enrolment and other electoral enquiries. The office is also a base for regular enrolment activities undertaken at public venues, schools and communities within the town and the Centre generally, including assistance with enrolment at citizenship ceremonies in Alice Springs School based campaigns to raise electoral awareness amongst young people and to collect enrolments from senior students Planning for the NTECs Quality Roll 12 (QR12). This is a program to improve the accuracy of the rolls for the 2012 council and LA general elections. A budget of $150 000 was approved for the program for the 2011-12 financial year to conduct enrolment stimulation and improve accuracy of the roll. The 201011 activities included project planning and costing, the development of procedure manuals, training packages and forms and the commencement of fieldwork and roll review activities in Alice Springs. Roll review In accordance with the JRA, a Continuous Roll Update (CRU) program is undertaken by the AEC to maintain the integrity of the roll. The CRU program is made up of community based enrolment stimulation activities, most notably the mailing of enrolment reminder and roll review letters and, depending on circumstances, the checking of the roll at individual addresses by field officers. Data for roll review purposes is provided by federal agencies and the NTs Department of Education and Training, the Power and Water Corporation and the Motor Vehicle Registry. Name and address data supplied by the NT agencies is provided under the demand powers of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. Separate demand powers allow on-line access by the AEC to NT motor licence data held on NEVDIS (the national drivers licence data base) to make enrolment Evidence of Identity (EOI) checks. During the reporting period, the AECs CRU program was curtailed by the 2010 federal election. The main activity that took place was the mailing of 60 000 enrolment reminder letters to NT addresses using RMANS data and external change of address information provided by government agencies, with 50% of the mailing taking place at the end of June 2011. In addition, a total of 1326 electors were removed from the roll on the ground that they were apparently no longer resident at their enrolled address. The NTEC commenced a separate roll review program in June 2011 by contacting recurring non-voters in Alice Springs based on the electors responses to non-voter mailing following the Araluen and Alice Springs Town Council by-elections. Indigenous Electoral Participation Program (IEPP) The IEPP program is funded by a federal budget allocation of $13 million over 4 years and managed by the AEC. It is designed to increase enrolment and electoral participation of Indigenous people Australia wide. The program commenced in the Territory in June 2010. As part of the program field officers visit remote communities and regional centres and make temporary use of the NTECs Alice Springs office for activities in Central Australia. IEPP officers were advised of shire by-elections that took place in 2010-11 and, wherever possible, tailored their work programs to accommodate these events.