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Annual Report 2010-2011 National Environment Protection Council



Annual Report 2010-2011 National Environment Protection Council

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National Environmental Protection Council annual report 2 0 1 0 2 0 1 1 159 C om m onw ealth D IE SE L V E H IC L E E M ISSIO N S Smoky vehicles program The Commonwealth does not undertake smoky vehicles programs. Diesel vehicle emission testing and repair programs The Commonwealth does not undertake diesel vehicle emissions testing and repair programs. Audited maintenance programs for diesel vehicles All those Commonwealth agencies which reported that they were operating diesel vehicles indicate that, in general, vehicles are serviced according to the manufacturers specifications at specified intervals, thus minimising emissions through regular maintenance and repair. Diesel vehicle retrofit programs The Commonwealth does not undertake diesel vehicle retrofit programs. Other programs Commonwealth agencies reported a variety of actions undertaken to reduce emissions from diesel vehicles, including: Environmental Driver Training Programs which cover issues such as harsh braking, engine over-revving, idling and economical driving installation of diesel particulate filters adjustment of air deflectors to optimise the aerodynamics of vehicles selection of vehicles with Green Vehicle Guide ratings above a certain minimum level use of AdBlue exhaust additive to reduce nitrous oxide emissions policies mandating an open road speed limit less than the legal limit of 110 km/h implementation of a tyre pressure standard to ensure line haul vehicles tyre pressure is maintained to the manufacturers specifications driver training in the safe and efficient operation of vehicles journey planning to reduce fuel usage and maximise operational use.