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Annual Report 2010-2011 National Environment Protection Council



Annual Report 2010-2011 National Environment Protection Council

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National Environmental Protection Council annual report 2 0 1 0 2 0 1 1 185 Q ld M O V E M E N T O F C O N T R O L L E D W A ST E B E T W E E N STA T E S A N D T E R R ITO R IE S Queensland Report to the NEPC on the implementation of the National Environment Protection (Movement of Controlled Waste between States and Territories) Measure for Queensland by the Hon. Vicky Darling MP, Minister for Environment, for the reporting year ended 30 June 2011. While the number of controlled movements into Queensland (Table 1) was slightly lower than the previous year, the amount of waste transported into Queensland increased by 19,856.90 tonnes to 38,757.23. This increase was associated with a 57% increase in movements from New South Wales and a 3.12% increase from Victoria. There was also a significant increase in movements from Tasmania. Discrepancies listed in Table 3 were associated with failures of transporters in the near border regions to obtain consignment authorisation or to complete waste transport certificates correctly. Discrepancies have been corrected and waste handlers advised of their responsibilities under the Environmental Protection (Waste Management) Regulation 2000. Investigations and compliance activities are ongoing in relation to the movement of controlled waste without consignment authorisation. PART 2 ASSESSMENT OF NEPM EFFECTIVENESS The NEPM is continuing to provide an effective monitoring framework for inter-jurisdictional movement of controlled waste. Jurisdictional cooperation on the administration of the NEPM continues to help ensure an efficient and effective system for the protection of the environment from environmentally hazardous wastes. PART 1 IMPLEMENTATION OF THE NEPM AND ANY SIGNIFICANT ISSUES The Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) is responsible for the administration of the Controlled Waste NEPM in Queensland. The NEPM is implemented under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (EP Act) principally through the Environmental Protection (Waste Management) Regulation 2000. As per the NEPM, the regulation includes provisions for the tracking of controlled waste and requirements for the prior approval of consignments of controlled waste into Queensland. Legislative requirements for the licensing of controlled waste transporters are included in the EP Act and detailed in Schedule 2 of the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008. The NEPM administration is integrated with intrastate tracking and regulated waste licensing and compliance activities in Queensland. DERM has continued to administer the NEPM to help ensure that controlled wastes are managed appropriately. The prior approval process through consignment authorisation and consultation with other jurisdictions, generators and receival facilities in Queensland has helped to ensure that controlled wastes are consigned to the appropriate facility. Table 1: Number of consignment authorisations issued by Queensland Reporting year Consignment authorisations issued 200910 150 201011 132