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Annual Report 2009-2010 Utilities Commission



Annual Report 2009-2010 Utilities Commission

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30 September 2010 3.145 The proposed GSL scheme would apply to electricity network services, and include network reliability performance measures and network related customer service measures. However, generation reliability measures and retail customer service measures were not recommended to be included in a GSL scheme at this time. 3.146 The Commission provided recommendations for the components of a GSL scheme including: performance measures, thresholds and payment amounts; the customers to whom the scheme should apply; the events and supply interruptions would not give rise to a GSL payment; how the scheme should be funded; and the manner in which GSL payments should be made to eligible customers. 3.147 The Commission also noted that the proposed GSL scheme could be voluntarily adopted by PWC (or other service providers) in a customer charter in anticipation of any legislative amendments 3.148 On 25 August 2010, the Treasurer announced that the Commissions recommendations had been accepted by the Government, including establishing a permanent GSL scheme for PWC customers Review of Electricity Standards of Service 3.149 The purpose of the review is to report on the adequacy and effectiveness of the Electricity Standards of Service Code, to advise on the indicators and reasonable benchmarks for standards of service in the Territory, and to develop options for setting, monitoring and enforcing standards of service. 3.150 The Commission released an Issues Paper in May 2010 which examined the current electricity standards of service arrangements and considered options in light of the experience adopted in the national electricity market and other Australian jurisdictions. Two submissions were received. 3.151 A Draft Report was released for comment in August 2010, setting out the Commissions proposals for measures of service performance for electricity generation, networks and retail in the Territory, the methodology for determining service performance targets, reporting arrangements and implementation considerations. 3.152 The Commissions draft recommendation was that it considered a standards of service framework is necessary in the Territory to: establish minimum and average standards of reliability, quality and customer service in the electricity supply industry; promote improvement in the level of services supplied by electricity generators, network service providers, and retailers operating in the Territory; and establish effective arrangements for monitoring and reporting on performance 3.153 The Commission is to submit a Final Report to the Treasurer by November 2010.