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Annual Report 2009-2010 Utilities Commission



Annual Report 2009-2010 Utilities Commission

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3 September 2010 systems, including major power system incidents where an equipment failure or event causes the system to operate outside the technical parameters, potentially causing power outages. 1.15 System Control is also required to provide a quarterly report to system participants setting out the performance and major incidents of the participant and other major incidents related to the participant. There is currently no requirement for a specific report to be produced in the event of a fault or major incident. 1.16 The Commission has started development of more comprehensive incident reporting arrangements, to establish a clear framework and requirements for investigating and reporting on power system incidents. The incident reporting arrangements are intended to formalise investigation and reporting on major power system incidents, to inform the implementation of preventative measures and the response to adverse events. 1.17 The Commission has consulted with PWC System Control on the proposed incident reporting arrangements, which are intended to be introduced through a revised System Control Technical Code in 2010-11. System Control Technical Code generator technical compliance 1.18 During 2009-10, the Commission approved a variation to the System Control Technical Code to establish a new obligation on generators to adopt more comprehensive technical compliance practices. 1.19 Generators are now required to define their reactive power capability, test those limits at least once a year to confirm compliance, and confer with Hudson Creek System Control Centre regarding any changes to generating control systems and their potential impact on reactive power range. The Commission considers that this is consistent with good industry practice. 2008-09 Power System Review 1.20 The Commission identified the annual Power System Review as a key document for reporting power system performance and measuring the health of the Territorys power systems. The Commission expanded the scope of the 2008-09 Review to provide a more comprehensive report on power system performance, including adequacy of generation capacity and fuel supplies, system planning arrangements and network reliability. 1.21 The 2008-09 Review also reported key statistics for the electricity supply industry and annual performance against specified standards of service indicators (previously reported separately as the Northern Territory Electricity Market Information statement and the Standards of Service Performance report respectively). 1.22 However, the Commission found that a proper assessment of the health of the Territorys power systems for the 2008-09 Review was not possible due to uncertainty about the condition of generation and network assets, the operating capacity of generation plant, and the short and longer term capital and maintenance plans. 1.23 The Power System Review is an evolving project, and the Commission anticipates further changes to the approach and content of future Reviews to provide electricity industry participants, customers and policy makers with useful and relevant information and analysis of power system performance, reliability and security. The overall objective is to align the content of future Reviews with good industry practice, as