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The Council of Territory Co-operation Committee First Report February 2010



The Council of Territory Co-operation Committee First Report February 2010

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Council of Territory Co-operation 40 First Report Consultation with outstations is progressing and the three most important messages coming from consultations to date are concern about overcrowded housing, economic development on outstations and delivery of government services.180 Mr Davies said that the intention in the outstations policy to fund those that are lived in for more than eight months a year was not to force people from outstations. One of the aims of Working Futures is to improve service delivery through regional centres that all surrounding communities and outstations can access. 181 Mr David Ross (CLC) made the point that the policy positions in Working Future of providing services through larger settlements or growth towns, and the outstations policy, coupled with the Intervention and community government changes, are all reducing Aboriginal peoples opportunities at the community level.182 The CLC also argues that research shows that outstations provide a better quality of life for Aboriginal people.183 Remote Service Delivery Coordination In response to the Council asking how the government was going about establishing the one-stop shops in the identified service centres, Mr Burgess said it was being undertaken jointly with the Australian Government, with regional operations established in Darwin and Alice Springs and both governments have appointed Coordinator-Generals. A service delivery coordination unit has been established in the Department of the Chief Minister and a special subcommittee of the Chief Executives Coordination Committee has been established.184 Both governments are trying to use existing resources that are already in place, like the Australian Governments Government Business Managers (GBMs), to undertake the coordination and consultation in the towns. Indigenous engagement officers have been employed by the Australian Government and support the GBMs to work with the Regional Operations Centre Manager. Mr Burgess stated that: the process is about making sure that the community owns and has worked with and built those local implementation plans to run us through the six-year cycle. 185 Mr Ken Davies (DCM) described the hubs as a one-stop shop, or a Northern Territory Government office in the towns. At the moment, the Governments presence is the GBM and Indigenous engagement officer, but in time will grow to look something like a government centre or business centre which could also include commercial enterprises. Shire Councils have a role in service delivery and the development of the growth towns and it is also anticipated that shire council offices would be in the growth towns.186 180 The NT Coordinator Generals Report #1 provides further details of outstations consultations, pp.66-85. 181 LANT, CTC, Transcript of Proceedings, Darwin, Monday, 9 November 2009, p.64. 182 LANT, CTC, Transcript of Proceedings, Alice Springs, Monday, 23 November 2009, p.2. 183 CLC, Submission to NT Government Outstation Policy Discussion Paper, December 2008, CTC, Tabled Paper No.10, 23 November 2009. Recently published research has examined the evidence of the health benefits and costs of homeland living and concluded that there is solid evidence on the health benefits: G. Mooney, Health and Homelands: Good Value for Money? available at: http://www.gavinmooney.com/images/pdf_uploads/health%20and%20homelands.pdf, accessed 21 January 2009. 184 LANT, CTC, Transcript of Proceedings, Darwin, Monday, 9 November 2009, p.55. 185 LANT, CTC, Transcript of Proceedings, Darwin, Monday, 9 November 2009, p.55. 186 LANT, CTC, Transcript of Proceedings, Darwin, Monday, 9 November 2009, pp.57-9.