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The Council of Territory Co-operation Committee First Report February 2010



The Council of Territory Co-operation Committee First Report February 2010

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Council of Territory Co-operation ix First Report LIST OF RECOMMENDATIONS Recommendation 1 The Council recommends that Governments note that it is the Councils opinion that the Northern Territory Government is still the best positioned government to manage SIHIP. Its members and the members of the Territory Parliament are far better positioned to know the Northern Territorys remote areas than Federal Parliamentarians and Ministers. Recommendation 2 The Council recommends that SIHIP should be allowed to roll out its refurbishments and rebuilds to the standards originally promised. Recommendation 3 The Council recommends that the Northern Territory Government work with the Australian Government to ensure that stock from SIHIP meets minimum Territory Housing standards. Recommendation 4 The Council recommends that the transition period from a new, rebuilt or refurbished house being completed, checked for successful completion and handed over to new tenants be streamlined to minimise any delay of occupancy. Recommendation 5 The Council recommends that the $13.5 million set aside in Tennant Creek for infrastructure be used for the construction of new houses and the infrastructure money is sourced from the NPA. Recommendation 6 The Council recommends that a scope of infrastructure works for SIHIP be published, providing detail of who will do what when. Recommendation 7 The Council recommends that all new, rebuilt or refurbished houses when handed over to Territory Housing have a publicly available final cost that includes an administrative component. Recommendation 8 The Council recommends that the Northern Territory and Australian Governments provide the CTC with a detailed financial report of the SIHIP project every quarter. Recommendation 9 The Council recommends that an audit should be done by an independent auditor at the completion of the process to determine the usefulness of the alliance model, including an assessment of the profits returned by the Alliances through the process. Recommendation 10 The Council recommends that Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) schemes supporting the private ownership of houses on Aboriginal communities be actively encouraged by the Northern Territory Government and private financial institutions, especially in communities where the SIHIP program is presently operating.