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The Northern Territory news Thu 5 Oct 2017

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THURSDAY OCTOBER 5 2017 NEWS 03 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA O W N E R G E O R G E C A LV I Breaking the welfare cycle ALMOST 50 young Territorians have got themselves off welfare and into work through the Youth Bonus Wage subsidy component of the Youth Jobs PATH program. Country Liberals Senator for the Territory Nigel Scullion said the program was producing real results in the NT. Employers are eligible for a Youth Bonus Wage Subsidy, under the Hire element of the Youth Jobs PATH pro gram, if they employ a young person who has been unemployed for six months or more. The best form of welfare is a job, Senator Scullion said. Breaking the cycle of welfare dependency by securing gainful employment has a profound effect on the individual, their family, the local economy and the community. For information go to www.employment.gov.au/ youth-jobs-path. Gareth Evans hugs Bob Hawke at the National Press Club Evans urges Aus to belt up FORMER foreign minister Gareth Evans says Australia must accept China as the worlds dominant economic power or risk being left behind. Speaking to the National Press Club yesterday, Mr Evans, who served in the ministries of Bob Hawke and Paul Keating, said he endorsed Opposition Treasury spokesman Chris Bowens position that Australia should embrace, without too much neurosis, the belt road initiative and Chinese investment in Northern Australia infrastructure projects. Weve got to accept the reality (China) is going to be No.1 if they arent already in the world economically, he said. Theyre a huge, huge, huge economic engine in the region and the world in the foreseeable future. If were not part of that action were going to be left alone. Senator Nigel Scullion Department, Malabar Lodge is run as a hostel providing temporary accommodation. It is exempt from the requirements to register as com EXCLUSIVE photos leaked to the NT News show the state of disrepair inside the controversial Malabar Lodge on Smith St. Severely damaged walls and what appear to be burn marks on a bathroom door reveal the living conditions for residents. Further pictures show holes and wires in the wall where power switches appear to once have been. The corridor bears several holes in the wall. The latest damage comes five months after owner George Calvi was ordered to carry Damage inside Malabar Lodge on Smith St, Larrakeyah Pleas for government to take control of Lodge out $60,000 of urgent works. The NT News understands the cost to rent a room in the Lodge has increased from $200 a week to $250 a week for a ground-floor room and $265 for a room on the second level. There is also growing frustration over an alleged lack of government action on the issues which continue to plague the building, its tenants and the residents of Larrakeyah. A source told the NT News: This is not Minyerri. This is in the centre of Darwin. I dont understand why the Government isnt taking control. According to the Health mercial visitor accommodation under the NT Public and Environmental Health Regulations. Malabar Lodge owner Mr Calvi said renovations were under way and only a few tenants remained at the Lodge. Mr Calvi denied the rent had increased per room. He said the work was standard maintenance and nothing out of the ordinary. Were on track. Were fixing things up, he said. Theres a few people there but they are not troublemakers. They are there by their own choice. Mr Calvi said a previous caretaker for the Lodge had been sacked. Malabar Lodge has been the centre of controversy for the past six months since the NT News revealed how the antisocial behaviour hotspot drained police resources. Cops were called to the address 500 times over a 12month period from August last year. The NT News understands that some nearby property owners have struggled to keep long-term tenants because of the anti-social and violent behaviour coming from the address. KIERAN BANKS Theres a few people there but they are not trouble makers Hostel thug in bid for less jail A MAN jailed for more than a decade over a brutal bashing at Malabar Lodge hostel in Smith St has launched an appeal in the hope of having his sentence slashed. Robert Kevin Smiler, then 32, was found guilty of an aggravated assault on Peter Doucas and of causing serious harm to Eddie Aden in the most violent known incident at the Smith St anti-social behaviour hotspot. Justice Judith Kelly found Smiler wrongly accused Mr Doucas of touching his girlfriend before throwing him down a flight of stairs. Smiler then launched a more vicious attack on Mr Aden, a bystander, leaving him with virtually every bone in his face broken. In a shocking victim impact statement, Mr Aden said: I got a lot of broken bones across the middle of my face, both cheekbones, broken nose, right eye socket, lots of broken teeth and bones around my teeth. I think I swallowed some of them plus some teeth got knocked out and the doctors had to take all the broken teeth out. When they fixed me they did a full face-off to fix everything, he said. They peeled my face forward to get at all the broken bones, then put it back and had to put dozens of staples to stick my face back. Smilers lawyers were in court last week ahead of a scheduled appeal hearing early next year, where they are set to argue Justice Kellys 10-and-ahalf-year sentence was manifestly excessive. Smilers legal team will also argue Justice Kelly made findings of fact and about Smilers culpability beyond what could have been made from the evidence presented at trial. The conditions at Malabar Lodge came to the attention of senior police during the investigation into Smilers attacks on Mr Doucas and Mr Aden, with subsequent searches of the forces internal database recently revealing more than 500 call-outs to the hostel over the past year. Owner George Calvi yesterday told the NT News there was no violence problem at Malabar Lodge. CRAIG DUNLOP