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Gary Higgins, Minister Legislative Assembly

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Berry Springs


Newsletter, November 2017

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DALY NEWS 7 PRODUCT SAFETY RECALL Polaris General and General Deluxe 2 seat and 4 seat side by side vehicle What are the defects? The upper steering shafts on 2016-2017 General vehicles may experience movement along the length of the power steering spline. What are the hazards? In extreme circumstances, this movement may ultimately result in separation of the shaft from the spline, which may lead to the loss of steering. What should consumers do? Affected owners will be contacted by direct mail. Owners should stop using the vehicle and contact their nearest Polaris General dealer to arrange for an inspection and repair. For further information consumers can call the Customer Service Department on 03 9394 5610. For assistance contacting or locating a Polaris dealer consumers can call 1300 654 142 or go to www.polarisindustries.com.au For further information visit www.productsafety.gov.au Banjo lines are private water mains that were constructed by landowners and developers prior to 1996. Unfortunately many of the lines were constructed with cheap pipes that are now deteriorating. Sadly some residents bought in good faith unaware of the problems they would encounter. Though due diligence should have been undertaken at the time of purchase, I dont believe Government should ignore the issue and put the onus back on the residents. We are constantly being told to find and fix leaks to protect our precious resource. However when private water mains go under roads and carparks it is beyond the capacity of most homeowners to be able to afford to fix this massive problem. At the last election, the Country Liberals committed to replace these water mains over time. I have asked Government to put this issue back on the table for a sensible discussion to find a solution. Back to the issue of water, other than banjo lines, the majority of us rely on bores and water tanks for our water. There are many facets to the water issue and it is more complicated than most people realise. In Southport for instance, there is no water infrastructure in place. Residents have either rainwater tanks or they cart water from a communal town bore, a very labourious task! With the number of people preferring to live rural and two bad wet seasons in a row, the surface water and acquifers are under considerable pressure. As weve seen with the Berry Springs WATER - OUR PRECIOUS RESOURCE Dolostone Aquifer, levels have become dangerously low, putting at risk the existing bores and our precious Berry Springs. A quick glance at the powerpoint presentation in my office window shows the number of bores in the early 80s and 90s, to the number we have now in the area. Government needs to prepare a plan to: Address the problem of banjo lines including a timetable. Propose timetable to reticulate water in areas such as Southport, Dundee and Wagait. Prioritise the extension of reticulated water into the rural areas, such as Berry Springs, Noonamah, Weddell and Kenbi. Continued from page 1