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Questions Day 2 - Wednesday 29 November 2000



Questions Day 2 - Wednesday 29 November 2000

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Parliamentary Record 26


Questions for 8th Assembly 1997 - 2001; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 8th Assembly 1997 - 2001




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QUESTIONS - Wednesday 29 November 2000 Business Confidence - Telstra Small Business Index Ms MARTIN to MINISTER for INDUSTRIES and BUSINESS Yesterday the Chief Minister referred to the Telstra Small Business Index and the Country Liberal Partys apparent popularity. Minister, have you had a chance to read through the report yourself? I hope so. When Denis Burke became Chief Minister the government had the support of a net 55% of small businesses - and I refer to the graph. Here we are, February 1999. That has now slipped to 17% and it is worth noting the graph, down here, record low. Further, business confidence has fallen from 74% expected better times over the next year to just 25%. Would the minister like to explain to Territorians why the governments popularity with small business is at its lowest-ever level, or why small business confidence has plummeted since Chief Minister Burke and Deputy Reed have been steering the Territorys economy? Mr DUNHAM: Mr Speaker, I ask that the statement the Leader of the Opposition quoted from be tabled. Ms Martin: Denis said he had it yesterday. Mr SPEAKER: That is fine. I am sure the member will have no trouble tabling that. ANSWER Mr Speaker, I think the core thing here that people should understand, listening to this broadcast, is that the Leader of the Opposition was not listening yesterday to the Chief Minister. In fact, most of us heard the answer that he gave and I thought it was very good. The answer he gave was quoting from the Small Business Index Yellow Pages and the point to note here is the confidence in comparison in other jurisdictions that is being placed in the Northern Territory government. And as the index says again this year, The Northern Territory government remained by far the most popular of all states and territory governments with more than one third of SMEs believing that the Territory government policies supported small business, which is saying that compared to all other states the business sector out there believes that the Northern Territory is doing the a good job for small businesses. I take my time to go and consult with small business and, yes, there are concerns out there about the business sector, that it is quiet and flat in some regards. But that is not to say that the confidence is waning. In fact, they have a lot of confidence in the future. If the Leader of the Opposition wants to read the full index here she would see that the business community believes that the future for their prospects is very bright. Red Light Cameras Mr MILLS to MINISTER for POLICE, FIRE and EMERGENCY SERVICES Red light cameras were introduced to the Territory over 12 months ago to combat our rising road toll. Does the minister have any results indicating the effect of red light cameras on driver behaviour? ANSWER Mr Speaker, there was a lot of debate leading up to the introduction of red light cameras. Of course it pertained simply to the fatality toll on our roads, and the attempt by government to make the roads safer. I must say, with great support and perhaps the initiative coming from the Road Transport Association in relation to some of these matters in the first instance, it certainly was strongly pursued by the Department of Transport and Works and the Northern Territory police. The figures indicate that they have been very successful at the two intersections where they are installed - the Stuart Highway/Amy Johnson Avenue and Stuart Highway/Berrimah Road intersections. The red light cameras have now been in operation for 12 months. It is worthwhile members contemplating what the figures were in terms of accidents at those two intersections in the past and what they have been over the last 12 months. It is a good picture as to the safety campaign and what can be done to make Territory roads safer. In the 10 years since 1990, the Berrimah intersection has had a total of 50 accidents, with two fatalities, or five accidents per year. Since the introduction of the red light camera, there has been no reported accident at this intersection. That is an astounding turnaround, and it is gratifying to see that those results are paying benefits to Territorians in terms of safer roads. The Amy Johnson intersection had recorded 46 accidents with one fatality, or 4.6 accidents per year. For the 12-month period when the red light camera has been operating, only one minor accident has been reported. The savings to the community and to individuals who have avoided either accidents or even some worse form of a tragedy at those two intersections has been well worth the investment. I commend the 1255