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Debates Day 3 - Thursday 31 May 2001



Debates Day 3 - Thursday 31 May 2001

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Parliamentary Record 28


Debates for 8th Assembly 1997 - 2001; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 8th Assembly 1997 - 2001




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DEBATES - Thursday 31 May 2001 as break ins. There have been occasions where, even though the police response time has been extremely good, there have been a few problems getting on location in a very quick time. Of course, better communications will help alleviate that. Just getting on to other areas, about $220 000 has been allocated for the Holmes Jungle Nature Park. That was for putting up walkways, bicycle paths, gravel paths, etcetera. The Botanic Gardens has about $190 000 for getting rid of the old nursery and workshop complex and making the area a lot more suitable for further enhancement of the gardens. In my neck of the woods, Rapid Creek, there has been $50 000 allocated to further spend on the creek corridor. I do not know if members have been down there recently, but down behind the horse stables on the Millner side of Rapid Creek there has been a path constructed, a foot and bicycle path. They having finished sealing it yet, but that should be done in the next week or so. I am not too sure how much it cost but it is a terrific walk along the creek now. This will be further enhanced as we take control of both sides of the creek. We will have another 30 metres access corridor on the Jingili side. Once government and council get together on that, we will seriously look at putting another path on that side of the creek as well. One thing that I have got in mind for the future, as we go further towards Trower Road from the McMillans Road end, is I want to canvass the possibility of putting in a raised walkway through the mangroves on the Millner side. I do not know what that is going to cost, but it is something that I will be pushing for very strongly within the next 12 months. I do not know if you have been down there, Mr Deputy Speaker, but the Water Gardens and Rapid Creek is a beautiful neck of the woods. It is unique. I am going to do everything I can, as I know my counterpart in Jingili, Steve Balch, will be doing, to get on and sort that out over the next year or so. Touching on another couple of small areas, there is $50 000 for upgrading facilities out at the Casuarina Coastal Reserve and that, coupled with the $250 000 which is going to restore the ammunition storage magazines Charles Darwin National Park, will be a great boon for visitors as well as locals. I do not think too many locals have been down and had a look at the World War II sites at Charles Darwin. I have been down there - and snuck down there back in my younger days - and had a bit of a look. I believe there is going to be an exhibition mounted there for people to walk down and have a look and to understand the history of the place. One thing I found encouraging was the $100 000 set aside for investigation of container deposit legislation. I know that that would bring problems of a kind. I noticed when it was announced yesterday that one of the local manufacturers and suppliers said that it would be difficult. That is fine; that is exactly the sort of reaction that we want. We want to find out what the problems are and then try to work our way around them. I believe something can be done. It will help us clean up our environment. I think back to my younger days when we used to go down to the footy or the picture theatres or whatever and pick up the Coke bottles. We did a pretty good job of cleaning out all the stuff that was worth a couple of pence. It was good pocket money for us. I am sure that the children of today, and maybe the ones that are not quite in the children bracket, will be interested in the project. Lets look forward to what we can get out of that. Another area that crosses through my patch is the landscaping of the median strips and the verges on arterial roads around Darwin. There is about $230 000-odd that has been allocated for that. You have been down McMillans Road many times, Mr Deputy Speaker, and you would have seen the amount of work that has gone on not only on Bagot and McMillans Roads, but all around Darwin. In my area on McMillans Road, when you are coming from the airport, you see the Frangipani trees, especially when they are in bloom. It is a great welcome to Darwin, particularly for our overseas visitors. Dont shake your head. M r DEPUTY SPEAKER: It stirs the heart. M r MITCHELL: It is good to see that will be continued and maintained. I am getting on to another area here, and that is health. I am sure other members may have come across this situation, too. We have had a shortage of speech therapists throughout the Territory. There is a substantial amount of money put down for external service providers for services such as early childhood development and activities, etcetera. There are a few other things mixed up in this. There is $18m. I believe about $300 000 or $400 000 of that will go into helping provide access to speech therapists. We have only had one in Darwin for quite a few months. It was not a shortage of funding or anything like that. We could not get those speech therapists on deck up here in the Territory. I think another two have just started this week. It has created a huge backlog. I think there are about 180 children in Darwin alone who are looking forward to accessing those services. Hopefully, some of this funding will be put into some of the private speech therapists around town to help clear that backlog. If you have a four year old who turns five and becomes ineligible for services, it 7808