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Questions Day 1 - Tuesday 18 June 2002



Questions Day 1 - Tuesday 18 June 2002

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QUESTIONS -Tuesday 18 June 2002 Madam SPEAKER: Sometimes it is unfortunate that the nature of the answer is at the discretion of the minister, as we all know. However, we do seem to have some lengthy answers today, Minister. Mr HENDERSON: Madam Speaker, the member for Katherine has a hide. He spent many hours on his feet giving long and detailed answers to questions in this parliament. Let us look at the modus operandi of the member for Brennan regarding talking down business confidence and trying to detract investment in the Northern Territory: absolutely irresponsible. Look at this open letter to Territory businesses which are trying to get on and be positive. Members inteijecting. Madam SPEAKER: Order! Minister, could you cease for a moment? There is too much rumbling and rattling going on. Could we allow the minister to conclude his answer in silence. Both sides! Mr HENDERSON: It is getting to the good part, Madam Speaker. This is an Open Letter to Territory Business, where the Leader of the Opposition is trying to talk down the economy and encourage business not to invest in the Northern Territory. This piece of drivel has been circulated to Territory business. I have had a number of these returned to my office. We will be running them out over the next few days. I would like to quote from this drivel that was sent out to Territory business, talking down the economy: On 28 May, Business Minister Paul Henderson said: Business confidence in the Territory has matched the key economic indicators and is improving'. I say: This government is not listening. Nine months o f anti-business leadership, highlighted by increased taxes, spending cutbacks and no new business initiatives, has all but destroyed ...' All but destroyed! We have had the latest figures come out on business bankruptcies and they are the lowest in the nation, but: ... all but destroyed small and medium business confidence . This was faxed back to my office. It said: What do you say: 7 would say that you haven't begun to realise that you lost the last election because you wouldn't listen . It goes on to say: Minister Henderson says: Government has worked tirelessly to develop a vibrant and sustainable economy in which local business can operate - that business environment is now building confidence Burke, the member for Brennan says: The latest small and medium business report again reinforces that the Martin government is not listening to business and is doing nothing. What do you say: ... I have to delete the expletive. The rear end: ... had already fallen out o f the Territory economy at the time o f the last election and continues to do so because o f lack o f initiative from when you were in power. This was faxed to my office and there is more coming. He then goes on to say: Minister Henderson says: while he was disappointed confidence in government had dropped he was certain that would improve during Labors first term. We have had to make tough decisions on taking office to fix 27 years o f financial abuse and mismanagement o f the previous CLP government. I say: ... The member for Brennan says: ... Look at what has been achieved over the last 27 years. Constituent, elector, small business person, says: Twenty-seven years o f secret handshakes. Here we have the Leader of the Opposition talking down the economy, business, and investment. I say it is time for him to move on. Let us get somebody positive as the Leader of the Opposition. Let us get John Valentin into this parliament where he can make a contribution and, let us put the Leader of the Opposition out to pasture where he belongs. 254