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Questions Day 3 - Thursday 19 June 2003



Questions Day 3 - Thursday 19 June 2003

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QUESTIONS - Thursday 19 June 2003 the tourism industry, that we look for new markets, not only our existing markets, but look to develop what are essentially new markets, or markets in which we do not get a lot of the market share. I am pleased to announce today that Territory Discoveries program will be expanded into the New Zealand market as of 1 January 2004. Traditionally, although New Zealand is one of Australias largest source markets, only 12% of New Zealanders travel beyond the eastern seaboard. In fact, there are only about 1% that make it to the Territory. It is very important, I believe, that the Territory gets its market share of New Zealand tourists. Currently, return on investment for expenditure in the New Zealand market place is reasonably low, so there is limited availability of Northern Territory product within the New Zealand markets. The entry of Territory Discoveries into New Zealand will significantly expand Northern Territory product by a factor of three. So there is going to be a three-fold increase in Territory product within New Zealand. The Territory Discoveries program will be in New Zealand dollars and, as I have said, increase the depth of the NT product currently available. There will be a 56 page, full colour brochure produced, featuring a wide range of holiday experiences within the Territory. It is important to note there wdl be no additional cost to Northern Territory operators to participate in this New Zealand program. The Alice Springs call centre will facilitate trade and customer inquiries and bookings from New Zealand. That is very important for the call centre in Alice Springs. Although Territory Discoveries will initially make a relatively small loss in expanding into this market, I am informed that it is projected that an extra $1.2m will be injected into the Northern Territory tourism economy through this activity. That is the forward forecast. Importandy - and I cannot stress this enough - the Northern Territory Aviation Committees business case for an international carrier to establish direct Darwin/New Zealand services is strengthened by having a dedicated Northern Territory wholesaler in New Zealand. I have been briefed by the aviation committee and the Aviation Development Director about some of the exciting possibilities that are on the horizon regarding international carriers coming into Darwin and then going on to New Zealand. That is a very real possibility, and that angle is being pursued with a lot of vigour. Madam Speaker, in short, this is an exciting entry of Territory Discoveries into the New Zealand market. It will reap benefits for the Territory, not only in terms of the tourists it will attract to Northern Territory destinations, but it is also setting a foundation for future expansion of international aviation services into and out of the Territory. Coolalinga Area - Traffic Safety Issues Mr WOOD to MINISTER for TRANSPORT and INFRASTRUCTURE Yesterday, I raised the issue of your departments non-negotiable position on closing a left-hand entrance into the Coolalinga Service Station. You implied it was being closed because of perceived safety issues. Is it not a fact that there is no proof of any accident at that particular site? I quote from your own departments position on this: The accident statistics for the Mobil service station in the vicinity show eight accidents have occurred over the last five years, but there is no proof there were any accidents at this particular site. Why then, if you believe safety is a concern, can your government spend millions of taxpayers dollars to put infrastructure in for one of the worlds biggest energy companies at Wickham Point, and you cannot spend a few lousy dollars in comparison to redesign - not eliminate - a simple entrance to a service station, so the small businessman can, just like ConocoPhillips, expand and create employment? ANSWER Madam Speaker, I thank the member for his question. As I was saying before, I did not refer specifically to that area he referred to at Coolalinga. That has seen an unprecedented growth in the past few years. We cannot see this matter in isolation. We cannot just see the exit or the entry to the Mobil station. We have to see it in conjunction with the crossroad, and the way that Girraween Road joins the Stuart Highway. I also said there was a public consultation period that finished yesterday. Just this lunch time, I met with one of my officers from the department who has been dealing with that particular issue. He had consultations with the public and the owner of Mobil. The department also consulted the public during the Freds Pass Show, and they had 200 people agreeing with the proposal of the department. However, as I stated yesterday, we are still talking to the owner of the Mobil petrol station. However, I repeat again, I am not prepared to compromise public safety for $100 000 or $100m. We are working to find the best solution for the public and for the Mobil petrol station, and we intend to do that. My understanding now is that the solution we are proposing to the owner of the Mobil petrol station is 666