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Questions Day 3 - Thursday 19 June 2003



Questions Day 3 - Thursday 19 June 2003

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Parliamentary Record 13


Question for 9th Assembly 2001 - 2005; Questions for 9th Assembly 2001 - 2005; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 9th Assembly 2001 - 2005




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QUESTIONS - Thursday 19 June 2003 to his liking, and we believe we will find a very reasonable and acceptable solution for all parties. Gove District Hospital - Safety of Staff Mr DUNHAM to MINISTER for HEALTH and COMMUNITY SERVICES It took the prompting of my colleague for you to initiate at least some action to protect Gove District Hospital staff. Perhaps the tabling of this report will have a similar effect and force you into action to prevent Territory nurses from being bashed, intimidated and assaulted. This report is an indictment of you, and it puts to a lie all of the assurances you have previously given to this House on this matter. Do you now admit some responsibility for the carnage that is occurring to your staff? ANSWER Madam Speaker, I thank the member for Drysdale, the former minister for Health, for his question. Mr Stirling: Never happened before 2001. Mr Dunham: Never happened to this degree. Madam SPEAKER: Order, thank you. Order! The minister has the floor. Mrs AAGAARD: Madam Speaker, I have not seen this report before. I understand it is actually a report that went to the Select Committee on Substance Abuse in the Community. I have received a message from my CEO saying that he has not sent the report to me. He has not seen it either. However, he has seen an extract, and he has already arranged to talk to the Commissioner for Public Employment about this issue. I have quickly looked through the report. There is absolutely no question that violence is completely unacceptable, and there is no question that this actually looks at violent incidents. But they do seem to range a fair bit. I have only had about three minutes to look at this. It seems curious that the member for Drysdale does not mention the incidents in this report that go back to 1999. Members inteijecting. Mrs AAGAARD: There are several pages here of incidents that happened prior ... Madam SPEAKER: Order! I cannot hear the minister. Mrs AAGAARD: There are significant numbers of incidents that happened prior to my coming to government. I keep saying that there is no reason to say that any level of violence is acceptable. Was it the member for Drysdales responsibility to look after violence when he was the minister? Madam Speaker, where is the walkway at the Gove District Hospital which nurses wanted at least four or five years ago? There are two former health ministers over there who must have known about it, the now Leader of the Opposition and the member for Drysdale. I have not had time to look at this report. Neither has my CEO. Clearly, it is a serious matter. Some of these violent incidents are verbal threats, which are certainly not acceptable either. There is a significant difference between a verbal threat and an actual violent, personal attack. I will have to look at this report. If members opposite wish to get a formal response from me, perhaps they would like to write me a letter and ask me about this incident. Members inteijecting. Once again, I think it is very curious that there is a sudden interest in the electorate of Nhulunbuy, an excellent electorate with an excellent member who has lobbied for years for his electorate. Many of these issues, I am sure, have been raised in this House and we are working on these issues. Members inteijecting. We are putting in significant money to upgrade various things in the whole electorate. Members opposite really show an incredible level of hypocrisy on this issue. Madam SPEAKER: Members, there are far too many inteijections at the moment. I am quite sure the broadcast of this is very difficult for anyone to hear. I suggest you keep your inteijections to a minimum. Sales of New Motor Vehicles - ABS Data Mr KIELY to TREASURER The ABS released data today on new motor vehicle sales in the Territory. What does the data say about activity in the Territory? A member: We talked to the MTA yesterday, Syd, they are really pleased. Madam SPEAKER: Order! Mr Burke: Tell us what Graham Bevis wrote to you. 667