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Questions Day 1 - Tuesday 17 February 2004



Questions Day 1 - Tuesday 17 February 2004

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QUESTIONS - Tuesday 17 February 2004 It is about time you had a briefing to understand what you are talking about. You are making rubbish. You do not understand the funds we receive from the Commonwealth. You do not understand the GST. You do not understand what you are talking about. Let us be very sure, that if we have an Opposition Leader getting rid of payroll tax, look out, because here comes the land tax! Larapinta Land Development Mrs AAGAARD to MINISTER for LANDS and PLANNING Land development is a vital issue for Alice Springs. Can the minister please update the House on action being taken on this front, and can the minister advise if he is aware of any alternative approaches being advocated and their likely consequences if adopted? ANSWER Madam Speaker, I thank the honourable member for her question. This is a very important issue, land release in Alice Springs. Of course, I am talking about the development and proposed development at Larapinta. It has taken longer than we would have liked. I would like to outline the significant progress that has been made on this issue, then respond to a few comments that have been made by members opposite and outline the processes that they have advocated not being feasible. As members would be aware, this proposed development at Larapinta is going to yield a total of 85 residential allotments; that is in the stage that is being proposed now. In the longer term, there could even be several hundred blocks involved in this development in further stages. The progress I am alluding to is that the Development Consent Authority has recently given in-principle approval to the layout and design of the proposed developments in two stages. Now, issues related to the protection of areas of cultural significance are being finalised with the Lhere Artepe prior to the signing of an Indigenous Land Use Agreement, or ILUA. There has been $ 1.5m allocated from the Capital Works Program for the provision of head works. This is essentially for the construction of an intersection on Larapinta Drive that has commenced. Other head works currently under design include construction of a pumping station, extension of Albrecht Drive and electrical works. As I said previously, ultimately, the Larapinta Valley could yield several hundred lots. Recently, the member for Macdonnell, I think on behalf of all members opposite, has come out with a few statements and suggestions about how he and the CLP believe that this ... Mr Elferink: If you started that project on time you would have a bargaining chip. Thats not what you have now. Dr BURNS: Madam Speaker, if I might continue. If he would listen he might leam something. The members opposite, through the member for Macdonnell, have made some suggestions that, when it boils down to it, will line the pockets of lawyers with millions upon millions of dollars. We saw that under the CLP government with the Kenbi Land Claim. What the member for Macdonnell is advocating here is just going to bog down in exactly the same way. Mr DUNHAM: A point of order, Madam Speaker! The question generally did ask for an opinion and the minister is giving one, but it does offend standing orders in that the question should not ask the minister for an expression of his opinion. Madam SPEAKER: The minister is just responding to the question that was asked. Dr BURNS: This is from page 1 of the Alice Springs News of 11 February 2004. The member for Macdonnell, in relation to statements, said there should be compulsory acquisition of this land in Larapinta and beyond. He said: Now he says he is echoing the stance ... Mr ELFERINK: A point of order, Madam Speaker! I have no problem dealing with this issue, however, at the end of the day, if you are going to attribute quotes to me, he should do it accurately. Madam SPEAKER: You know very well that if you feel you have been misquoted, you can make a personal explanation. Mr Elferink inteijecting. Madam SPEAKER: Member for Macdonnell, order! Mr Elferink inteijecting. Madam SPEAKER: Minister, would you resume your seat, please? We Eire in Question Time. There are people in the Territory trying to listen to these answers. There are far too many inteijections at the moment. Minister, you have the floor. 896