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Debates Day 2 - Wednesday 27 November 2002



Debates Day 2 - Wednesday 27 November 2002

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Parliamentary Record 9


Debates for 9th Assembly 2001 - 2005; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 9th Assembly 2001 - 2005




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DEBATES - Wednesday 27 November 2002 relation to the amendment here, Madam Speaker, that the Public Accounts Committee is allowed to reference things that are specifically in the Auditor- Generals report. And that is a very important issue. I wanted to clarify it. I wanted to put it on the record, because I know the mischief that the member for Daly will try to engage in. I wanted to put that on the record. Members inteijecting. Madam SPEAKER: Order! Mr AH KIT (Community Development): Madam Speaker, we just heard an inteijection from the chairman of seven years, and we heard from the Leader of Government Business the three things they have achieved. And, what a record! Twenty six or 27 years to try to do things around the Alligator Rivers region, and also with the salt water intrusion, and mimosa. We had debates over the last seven years that I have been in this Chamber where they would not entertain the thought of an environmental protection agency. They would not entertain, they would never entertain, the thought of going beyond the scope that they gave that committee. They would never go beyond that. Firsdy, I suppose, they were a bit worried there was too much work for the chairman; beyond his comprehension and intelligence. Secondly, they wanted to keep control of it. The change of heart that has come across the former government members, now in opposition, is really interesting. I have nothing against environmentalists. Good people! A good cause. We have to balance it up. We have to balance it up with business. The shadow spokesperson for business is now keen to ensure that the big business and small business community does well out of what we are doing in moving the Territory forward, and ensuring that we become a very prosperous Northern Territory. We have a situation where I have seen the former Deputy Chief Minister stand up in this House and claim credit for the bulldozing of the Hotel Darwin across the road. Where was this new so- called greenie when that was happening? Out bush! He got sent bush because he was the Lands minister at the time and he did not want to take all the blame when the Hotel Darwin was bulldozed overnight, and he has the audacity to come in here and put up an amendment that is all about muck raking. Whilst we are on the former Deputy Chief Minister, he stood up in this House bragging about cane toads will be here probably in the year 2007. Well, goodness me! I hope he is getting an update on the cane toad reports now because they are almost here, and it is 2002. So, something has gone wrong there. We would love to see him put on a greenie guernsey. We have a situation where we as the government have a responsibility to ensure that we weigh up the balance and get it right, and we do. We want to move forward in respect of the business opportunities; but we also need to seriously take into account the environmental concerns and heritage concerns that were pointed out by the member for Nelson. Striking the balance is the way to go. We have a situation now where these members opposite have done this big somersault and now they are all bleeding hearts. They are all there, all over us. It is a wonder they are not all wearing green guemsies today. They say things like get it right to us. They were in power for 27 years and they would not go anywhere near ... Mr Baldwin: Havent you read your own promises? M r AH KIT: Oh, look, we have no problems with the policies; they encompass what we are doing. It is what you read into it; you and the spinifex lawyer from Central Australia. That is your interpretation, you mugs! Stop believing in each other because you are not as good as you think you are. Madam SPEAKER: Minister, would you confine your remarks to the motion, thank you. M r AH KIT: Madam Speaker, yes, I digress. I am sorry, Madam Speaker, I will address my comments to you because someone needs to show respect around this Chamber, unlike the members opposite. Madam Speaker, we saw the former environment committee do very little, and we know why that happened: because of the scope that it had. It was limited by this parliament, neither did it have a brains trust leading it. We have proposed a way of establishing the work that needs to be done to ensure that Territorians will have something established that will look after the interests and weigh up those balances that are so urgently needed throughout the Northern Territory. Ms LAWRIE (Karama): Madam Speaker, I will speak to the motion and the amendment. First, I want to express my disappointment at members opposite for the cheap political stunts and grandstanding of this morning. I had hoped that this Chamber would deal with this motion in a constructive and positive manner because the establishment of an environment and resource 3048