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Debates Day 2 - Wednesday 27 November 2002



Debates Day 2 - Wednesday 27 November 2002

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DEBATES - Wednesday 27 November 2002 The reason I am mentioning this dear, young girl tonight is that the family is hopefully on its way to Maryland, USA next year to meet other parents and families of children with the same condition. They have now formed what is called the Jessie Bartolo Trust Appeal through the Kiwanis Club of Darwin. They are still raising money. I thought it would be an appropriate time, and maybe I should turn to the right camera here just in case someone is watching, and just mention that on 6 December in the Mall, the Christmas in Darwin Association is hosting a Breakfast in the Mall in association with the Kiwanis Club of Darwin. That breakfast is being held between 6.30 am and 8.15 am. It is a cooked breakfast for only $7. The Darwin City Brass Band and the Essington School Choir will be there. I would invite any politicians who happen to be hungry that morning and are close to the Mall to come and spend their $7 because it will go to a very worthy project to help Jessie Bartolo and her family get to America and hopefully get the best medical attention that she can have. I hope members and anyone else who can hear this can help. My other concern actually was raised by the member for Karama a minute ago when she was talking about being at the launch of the Safe Sex campaign. I know we live in a pluralistic society and what my personal beliefs are may not be someone elses, but we live in a society where we tolerate that. I really feel that this campaign is a very one-sided campaign. I also received these posters today and I was told: Well, put them up in your electorate office, but when I read it, I just asked myself: Is this really a case of just being an old fuddy-duddy or an old conservative? I do not really think it is because this poster to me is not about safe sex. It is about other things. It is about, as it says here, Sex is about having a good time. Sex may be about having a good time, but is this the thing I want to stick on my window for young kids to see and think: Thats what we should be doing? That is exactly what you will do when you stick it on the front of your office. It is not big grown up girls who will see that. It will be young people. And they will say: Well, Gerry Wood reckons... by putting this up ...that sex is about having a good time. Sex is about having a good time, but where and when is a different matter, and who with. Ms Scrymgour: But read the second bit after it. M r WOOD: Yes, Dont ruin it by being careless. But you can still promote these things. Why dont you promote responsible sex at the same time? I am not saying that the government should not promote that, but why cannot it promote a balanced view? We are a pluralistic society; why then do I only get one point of view? That is the governments morals department; that is its viewpoint. Why not another viewpoint - for instance why dont they put emphasis on responsible sex, on sex with one partner, or even abstinence? Are they so old-fashioned? You are not going to get HIV from abstaining. You are not going to get HIV from having sex with one partner only, if both of you have never had sex with anyone else. Now, is that so old-fashioned and so silly that that cannot be advertised? It is not advertised. You can say this is okay, why cant you say other things are okay? That is a really one-sided and a biased campaign about safe sex. It is time the government spent some money telling kids this is not the only way. We talk about unwanted pregnancies - condoms do not give you 100% surety you are not going to get pregnant. There are other issues involved here. There are moral issues. There are issues about what sex is all about. I hope we are trying to bring up our kids to say sex is not just having a cup of tea or going to buy a Kit Kat; I hope it is a bit more than that. This does not send that message out; it just says sex is having a good time. Big deal! I do not think it is the right message and our department should rethink that campaign. By all means, if that is the campaign it wants to make sure that people have safe sex and they do not get HIV, so be it. However, we should balance these things a little better and we should not be so flippant. These are serious subjects. It is not just about having a party, or hopping into bed with some person you have never met before tonight after having a few drinks. We should be able to stand up here and be able to do things more responsibly. We have a job as members of parliament, as parents, as grandparents and as leaders in the community, to put alternative points of view. I do not go along with the crowd. Just because Hot 100 does it, that would be the last radio station I would be looking to for moral advice. They sponsor this and they sponsor that, and they do all sorts of shows and things that I would not want my kids going to, especially if they were young. They are all grown up now, they can jolly well do what they like. I believe we can do a better job, I will be writing to the minister and saying that this is a one-sided campaign and we can do a lot better. I have said my bit. I know I will get criticised, but so what? I am not going to sit here in parliament and be a wimp. That is not the right campaign, not just like that on its own. With that off my chest, I feel much better, and I would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas. That is the other reason I would like to stay here 3115