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Debates Day 2 - Wednesday 27 November 2002



Debates Day 2 - Wednesday 27 November 2002

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Parliamentary Record 9


Debates for 9th Assembly 2001 - 2005; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 9th Assembly 2001 - 2005




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DEBATES - Wednesday 27 November 2002 female gender in the school there are insufficient toilet facilities. On a broader scale, I hope that we see underneath the Christmas tree in the new year the unpacking of gifts in the form of many more teachers than we expected - eager and keen to impart that spark of life and enthusiasm and vision for community service and developing of skills inherent in our young in the Northern Territory. Many more teachers than we expected would arrive and vie for the positions, to have these honoured positions to stand before classrooms right across the Northern Territory, remote communities and in urban communities. That our relief teacher lists would be bolstered with talent and quality, and that principals would have no concern in the mornings when the phone rings that one of the teachers is ill; and we would have a vast list of numbers to phone, each of them ringing in the home of a relief teacher who is keen to come in and serve that day. That each of these teachers would be well and comprehensively supported by professional development and curriculum support. That the idea that has been spoken about, the promise of a teachers registration board, would be more clearly defined, so we would know exactly what this gift is and what it can actually do. And for the people of the Northern Territory, even wider still, we would have the gift that this construct, being the parliament, would begin to evaporate the cynicism that we have in our community - and not just this community, but in most western worlds - of what is it really all about. There would be a greater and increased connection with the people of the Northern Territory, so that when we stand in the mornings and say, may we advance and prosper the true welfare of all Territorians, that is exactly what would happen as a result of our activities in here. That the interchange across the Chamber would be to advance and prosper the true welfare of Territorians as opposed to the true welfare and prosperity of our own political agendas. I now acknowledge the most valuable resources that any person can have. It has been acknowledged, importandy, even in Scripture, that it is not good for man to be alone. I am not alone. I have a wife, and I acknowledge my dear wife and the pressures that are placed on her by the task that I have taken upon myself, and the responsibilities I have taken to serve my community. It falls in quiet ways upon my wife. And on my two children, Kristen and Matthew. They are just entering adult life now. I entered this place when they were in school and now they have left school, and have both taken their own paths. I thank them very much for the relationship that I have with them. I thank my electorate officer, Tasma, for the relationship that we have and the way that we are together in supporting our electorate, and her family, and the pressure that it places on her family, that strange notion we have of service and commitment and delivering a more favourable outcome for the people we have responsibility for. To those who work on the 4th floor in the Leader of the Oppositions office - Imelda, Kylie, Gary and Jim - the many additional hours they contribute, hours that do not equate to dollars, but hours that equate to devotion and service and commitment, to the true welfare and prosperity of the people of the Northern Territory. I do not draw a line when I refer to parliamentary colleagues because I still do believe that our task is to advance and prosper the true welfare of Territorians, and to parliamentary colleagues from both sides, I pray that we will continue to work actively to make that a reality and that our debates would have that as the central core. The party members in the CLP who are going through a very interesting period, as an understatement, but it is a very exciting period because it is a time of reformation, restructure, and refocus of the challenges there and the challenges to be met. The party members in the Labor Party, who are also true believers have been there through dark times and now it is their time in the sun. May both sides be able to reposition and readjust and ensure that their endeavours and activities are primarily to advance and prosper the true welfare of all Territorians. I wish them all the best for Christmas and beyond. I thank the media for the friendships that have been formed; the relationships are valued because it is too easy to be distracted by the superficial, the headline and the article in the paper or the grab on the news, and to know it is really all about people. I respect the media and appreciate the contribution they do make and value each one of you for the time that we have spent together. I look forward to your contribution in the coming year and years beyond. I also acknowledge the staff of this great Chamber. It was not until coming into this Chamber that I began to understand how important this place is. I thank Ian for his guidance, Gaddy, Stoksie and Samantha - there will be a name or two that I do not acknowledge - please do not take it that I have not valued your contribution; it is just at this point that I cannot encompass everybody. To those in Hansard, it was tremendous earlier in the year to go up there and visit you and see the work that you do and to know who you are because, once again, it is all about people. I value the contribution 3123