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34 OPINION MONDAY SEPTEMBER 11 2017 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 Ignoring fraud hurts all of us NEWS that the NT Government does not have proper fraud prevention policies in place is deeply troubling. The Governments departments are responsible for handling more than $6 billion a year. And for reasons never explained they do not have a whole-of-Government policy for detecting and preventing fraud. In fact, they cant even agree on a definition of what fraud is, according to the Auditor Generals report. Its the lack of action that is the most troubling. A 2010 KPMG report estimated only about a third of fraudulent activity in NT Government departments was being reported. Thats a disturbing figure. But even more worrying is that the public service cannot point to any overarching policy changes to address that fraud since it was raised with them in 2010. They didnt even review fraud policies when they amalgamated departments last year. Only three departments out of 20 have proper fraud policies in place and two departments who were sent fraud surveys did not respond on time. That behaviour gives every public servant a black eye. The fraud findings come on the heels of last weeks revelations that the Department of Housing awarded millions in contracts without having proper procurement procedures in place. This seemingly wilful ignorance of fraud and corruption has to stop. The Northern Territorys reputation is on the line. There are no figures available for how much Territorians lose to fraud each year but its safe to say it is millions of dollars this year alone. If we want to cry poor to Canberra, we better first be doing all we can to stop the bleeding of taxpayers money from fraudulent activity. We can only accomplish that when leadership shows theyre serious and develop policies to stop it from happening. We havent seen that leadership yet. ... and another thing DARWIN bloke Lynden Moffatt proved at the weekend that hes the strongest man around. Weighing in at 140kg, the 196cm tall 21-year-old managed to squat 330kg. Its a feat in itself not to mention the fact hes only been lifting for a year. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Mr Moffatt as it seems the only way is up for him. Fair go, thats all THE fight for equality in marriage has now become known as the same-sex marriage debate and in so-doing, has focused on the homosexual aspect of the people concerned rather than on having genuine equality in terms of rights for people in same-sex relationships. De facto marriages of couples of the opposite sex enjoy virtually the same rights as those of married couples, yet people in same-sex relationships do not have those rights within the law in terms of property, superannuation etc. While some government instrumentalities and some private organisations provide equality for their employees in terms of accommodation, postings, benefits etc., for couples in genuine same-sex livein relationships, or what could be described as Ersatz de facto relationships as is really the case, the law however does not provide equality. Following the recent ad supporting the No case where women in the ad make rather strange claims that schoolchildren could be singled out in some obscure way, I have suggested in another forum that women who support the No case should perhaps keep in mind that it is within living memory that women most definitely did not have equality in marriage until the advent of the Family Law Act. They did not have property rights, superannuation rights, needed their husbands approval for various things, could not get finance etc. Former Prime Minister John Howard waxed lyrical about the values of the fifties, well it should be remembered that in the fifties women did not have equality in marriage, employment, pay rates and other things mentioned above. Importantly, it was also a time of poofter bashing. This current government has come up with the strange, extremely expensive, not necessarily accurate and certainly difficult to explain, postal vote as a way of avoiding what they are paid to do. As well, the government clearly does not trust the Australian Electoral Commission to monitor the vote, instead using the Australian Bureau of Statistics to furnish the result. I personally do not care who marries whom if the people concerned are two consenting adults and nor do I care if it is a formal marriage of if the marriage is de facto, but I do care that all Australians have equal rights. Perhaps most importantly, unlike our present Parliament, I still believe in the Australian culture of a Fair Go. And a fair go is all that is being asked for along with a return to an egalitarian Australia. Peter Henri, Dundee Forest Lefty nonsense OH what a cavalcade of ignorance and misleading nonsense we get from the Left on Australia Day being held on January 26. Now we have a local Lefty posing as a time researcher asserting Australia Day was created by Paul Keating in 1984. Not so. I clearly remember being invited to an Australia Day celebration on January 26, 1982, at the Consuls Residence at Port Vila, Vanuatu, where I was managing reform of the land ownership system for the Vanuatu people. The date is indelibly embedded in my memory, when the Prime Minister of the new nation summoned me to an ante room and asked me to go on a special mission to the northern islands then still in rebellion. Father Walter Lini told me it was significant that it was Australia Day and an Australian charged with the job. I was so proud of my country, the significance of the date, and what we were celebrating. On Billys learning, either there was a cosmic time lapse, or I dreamt the whole thing up. I did neither. It was Australia Day, January 26, 1982, already in being. Celebrated Australia Day again on same date in 1983 on Irririki Island in the lagoon, where a pissed Foreign Minister, Marxist Barak Sope, later jailed for treason, took wild swings at people, including me. One doesnt forget things like that or the date. This changing Australia Day rubbish is symptomatic of faking history, and is becoming more common by Leftist mouthpieces. Ted Dunstan, Karama Spare the horses Are you one of those delicate petals who has a penchant for leaving the engine of your ten gallon to the mile, suburban Abrams Tank running during your half an hour or so shopping, so that the aircon is acceptably cool enough for your return and drive out the shopping centre car park? No doubt you probably bristle with indignation when I humbly say to you that the very rude ending to the age of this kind of complacent squander is rapidly approaching. Nevertheless, please spare us your noise of some whinge and whine symphony when it suddenly arrives. Thank you. Pete, 11 Mile Letters to the editor should be 250 words or fewer. Send your letters to GPO Box 1300, Darwin, 0801, or email ntnmail@ntnews.com.au. You must include your name, home address or PO Box number. Name and address will be withheld on request. The NT News reserves the right to edit letters. Responsibility is taken by the Editor 10 YEARS AGO: Territorians are reminded to cook food properly following an increase in gastroenteritis cases in Darwin. Head of Disease Surveillance Peter Markey said more than 140 cases of gastroenteritis caused by Campylobacter had been recorded so far this year. 20 YEARS AGO: Aircraft were diverted away from Darwins main runway as fire burned to within metres of the tarmac airport, officials said yesterday. Four extra NT Fire and Rescue Services trucks were called in as 20 firefighters tackled two major fires in Darwin. 25 YEARS AGO: Territory unemployment fell from 7100 or 8.7 per cent in July to just 4200 or 5.2 per cent in August. This represents the lowest jobless rate in the country. Join our Let's Make the Territory Greater campaign and email your ideas to news@ntnews.com.au and put "Let's Make the Territory Greater" in the subject line. We'll take your ideas to councils as well as the Territory and federal governments. The NT News wants to hear your ideas to make the Territory GREATERLets make the territory Email: ntnmail@ntnews.com.au I Text: 0428 NTNEWS I Fax: 08 89816045 I Letters: PO Box 1300, Darwin NT 0801 Your Sa lllllllllllll'tvoURVOICE IN THE TERRITORY 111111111111111 111 EDITORIAL NT'+News o On this day IN THE TERRITORY CONNECT WITH US ~ www.ntnews.com.au -(;I @TheNTNews Facebook.com/TheNTNews 11111 111111 11111 11 1111 111 111 111 111 111 111111 11111111111111111111 1111 111111111111111111111 11 111 1111 111 111 111 111 111 1111 111 1111 111 11111 111 111 111111 11 11 NOW, W'-'EN You H \T 11-tE ~C2"rn~ 'ERRt10~-l SNA{> Of~ "t\1E 1~\CATOR STALK A~l) 11--tROW lT COT 1"\-\~ w~w ...

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