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St Philips College Page 4 Page 5Newsletter 2017 The School Play Halloween was history and Thanksgiving Day had passed. St Annes School was all a-buzz. It was time to start getting ready for the schools Christmas Pageant. Tommy had been in the Sunday School Christmas Concert last year. Now that he was in real school, he was excited about getting to be in the real pageant. He kept asking his mother, Do you think they will let me be Joseph. I would like that. REALLY like that Maybe I could be baby Jesus. I would just lay there and pretend I was asleep. You know I can do that good. Oh, Mama, it would be fun to be a tiny little lamb; standing so quietly looking at Baby Jesus Tommys mother was really quite concerned, because the school was quite large and obviously not every child was going to get to be in the play. If he didnt get a part, she was not sure how he would take it. She had tried to gently prepare him for the possible disappointment, but nothing she said could temper the excitement. Chaplains MessageYear 12 Valedictory Dinner Finally the day came that the parts were awarded. Tommys mother went to pick him up after school with great trepidation. As she reached the front door of the school, Tommy rushed up to her, eyes shining with pride and excitement. Guess what Mum, he shouted, Ive been chosen to clap and cheer! May we remember to clap and cheer this Christmas, giving thanks for the gift of life, for our opportunities and the freedom we enjoy to celebrate our faith may we never take that for granted. Sarah Pollitt Chaplain